In a time when secure, resilient communications are key to managing a major incident, our diverse range of products and solutions offer our customers the ability to rapidly deploy and instantly share mission critical information in real time via our satellite and wireless solutions.

Here are some of the solutions we demonstrated;

  • The Royal Gibraltar Multi-Agency Command Support Unit accompanied by the Commissioner of Gibraltar Police.
  • Sherpa – our rapidly deployable automatic lamp post/pole-climbing camera, currently being used in ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), Prison Security, Event Monitoring, Fly Tipping, Anti-Social Behavior and more
  • Scotia Gas Networks Mobile Command Unit accompanied by Debbie Mann, I.T Project Manager – and more!

We also launched two new solutions at this years show:

RapidNet LTE – our new private LTE service (Long Term Evolution – the technology behind 4G). RapidNet LTE is an independent, near instant, communications bubble that allows emergency responders to transfer data, video and voice seamlessly where no terrestrial infrastructure exists, is congested or has been compromised. Additionally, the solution has the ability to be meshed, therefore, coverage can be extended across an incident ground.

Reflex – our innovative ‘All in One’ roof mounted communications solution is inclusive of our SuperSat Ka Satellite, 4G failover connectivity, integrated emergency lights, scene lights and 360 camera recording.

Built and designed by our in-house R&D department with primary responders in mind, Reflex is universally adaptable to many smaller vehicles and can also be transferred with ease on to another vehicles roof rack.

Monitoring, management and deployment of all of Reflex’s onboard technologies is made simple with our ruggedised tablet integrated with our easy to use, instantly familiar, user interface DDMI (Digital Dashboard Management Interface).

Our team is constantly striving to understand and develop our solutions based upon the issues our customers face, and we would welcome the opportunity to continue any discussions about your challenges.

More information on our latest products and video from the show coming soon!