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Excell – Cellular optimisation antenna

Supercharge your signal

Cellular networks have become indispensable for ensuring seamless connectivity, but in remote or densely populated areas, challenges still persist.
Enter Excell, the revolutionary 4G LTE optimisation antenna, designed to enhance reliability and coverage in harsh and challenging environments.

The Excell advantage: Combining directional and omni-directional antennas

What sets Excell apart is the innovative antenna design, seamlessly integrating both directional and omni-directional elements. This hybrid configuration allows Excell to adapt dynamically to varying signal conditions, maximising coverage and throughput.
Excell’s directional antenna component is engineered to pinpoint and enhance signals from specific cellular towers.
By focusing transmission and reception in a specific direction, it improves signal strength, especially in areas with weak coverage.
This targeted approach enhances signal quality and significantly extends the range of communication up to 60km.
Directional Antenna Diagram
omnidirectional antenna diagram
Complementing the directional antenna, Excell’s omni-directional element ensures broad coverage and seamless handover between different cellular towers.
Its 360-degree reception pattern enables reliable connectivity in all directions, ideal for mobile units navigating dynamic environments.
The omni-directional antenna maintains connectivity even when the line of sight to a specific tower is obstructed or when on the move.

Excell redefines the LTE experience – no antenna is equal

At a glance

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Seamless Connectivity

Excell can be installed as a standalone 4G solution or combined with your vehicle connectivity network.

Putting the product to the test

We put the Excell antenna system to the test in a remote location within the Brecon Beacons, Wales, UK. The signal strength on an iPhone on two of the major terrestrial networks was extremely poor with access to edge (2.5G) data service only. Here is how Excell performed VS a rival cellular router with high gain antennas (Speeds in Mbps)

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