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Transport and Logistics

Technologies that revolutionise smart roads and transform transport logistics

In today’s fast-paced world, new advancements in space and cellular technology are significantly enhancing transportation systems to create smarter roads and better traffic management. These advancements not only make daily commutes easier but also boost efficiency in transport logistics.

Hybrid connectivity: The backbone of smart roads

Space technologies play a pivotal role in the development of sophisticated traffic management systems. By integrating satellite data with cellular communication networks and ground-based sensors, authorities can monitor and manage traffic flow in real-time. This integration allows for adaptive traffic signal control, congestion management, and the implementation of intelligent transportation systems.
Key advantages:
  • Reduced congestion and improved traffic flow.
  • Enhanced safety through real-time monitoring and incident detection.
  • Optimal signal timing based on live traffic conditions.

Connected fleet: Transforming transport and logistics

In the realm of transport and logistics, reliable and high-quality vehicle connectivity has become a game-changer. Vehicles equipped with advanced communication systems like a flat-panel satellite antenna, hybrid edge appliance and Excell 4G LTE optimisation antenna can exchange data with each other, infrastructure, and centralised control centers. This connectivity leads to improved fleet management, route optimisation, and enhanced safety features.
Transformative features:
  • Real-time monitoring of vehicle health and performance.
  • Dynamic rerouting for delivery vehicles based on traffic and road conditions.
  • Data can be shared with other vehicles, suppliers or stores, to keep the supply chain running smoothly.
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Technologies that revolutionise smart roads and transform transport logistics

Excelerate leads successful testing of end-to-end telecommunications for digital food supply chain efficiency project

Excelerate, a key player in a consortium funded by Innovate UK, has accomplished prototype bench-testing at Westcott Venture Park for the ‘Trusted Bytes’ project. The testing involved two use cases, demonstrating seamless communication between transportation vehicles and containers, extending to stakeholders’ frameworks, utilising a combination of bonded satellite and cellular connectivity.
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Excelerate leverage space technology to enhance security and traffic management at the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022

 ITS Equant, a project managed by a consortium between Valerann and Excelerate and funded by the European Space Agency’s Space Solutions, has been selected to deploy the jointly developed innovative solution with Milton Keynes Council. The space technology will be used to enable local traffic authorities to efficiently manage local road traffic surrounding the Milton Keynes (MK) Stadium for the duration of the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022.