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Comms Pod (LTE)


Excelerate’s Comms Pod enables multiple applications across an incident ground. The solution ensures effective functionality for all users, even where multiple connected devices are deployed.

With one-touch operation the solution instantaneously creates an automatic private LTE network in every direction (up to 1000m open, up to 500m structural range).

Once deployed, authorised users can connect to the secure private network enabling real-time transmission of data, video and voice communications for improved incident management and enhanced situational awareness. Information can then be shared to any authorised location, anywhere in the world with an internet connection via 3G/4G/5G or optional satellite backhaul.

Features & Benefits

Private & secure

Totally independent LTE Network, enabling data, video & voice (i.e. VoIP & VoLTE) even when terrestrial networks are unavailable (“Always on – connectivity”).


Fit for purpose

Utilises multiple communications bearers for added resilience – providing not only the breadth of connection options for responders at the scene but also increased bandwidth if required to support a range of deployments and applications.

Connect remote teams

Connects to corporate RADIUS servers enabling authenticated devices to automatically and securely connect to the integrated Wi-Fi. Includes the ability to securely link other responding agencies and set up user groups via the embedded user interface (DDMI – Digital Dashboard Management Interface).


Power and deployment options

14-hour power and hot-swappable battery system. Can plug into mains or a generator and can be charged from either 12VDC or 240 VAC providing greater flexibility. Can be docked into a vehicle as well as deployed in the field.

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