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Connected Patient Care

At a time when the global health sector is under immense pressure due to the pandemic and increased demand, it is imperative to identify innovative solutions that can significantly improve clinical outcomes, and enhance patient experiences of their treatment and care.

With a surge in digital healthcare projects, from connected first responders and smart ambulances to telemedicine consultations and specialised urgent & social care services, Excelerate Technology is at the forefront of this transition towards faster and better treatment.

By harnessing the power of increased mobile connectivity, Excelerate’s solutions not only ease the pressure but can also enhance and create new care pathways including:

  • connecting the simultaneous sharing of patient information, medical device data & live video feeds via ‘see what I see’ technology
  • accurate remote triage and diagnostics for improved patient care and well-being by connecting clinical specialists to point-of-care treatment and pathways
  • bringing healthcare closer to patients, therefore, reducing unnecessary hospital visits

Our customers include NHS Ambulance Service, NHS England, NHS Scotland, NHS Hazardous Area Response Teams (HART), Private Ambulance Services, British Red Cross, Hamad Medical Corporation, and more

Telemedicine Connecting Clinical Pathways

We are committed to developing technology that improves patient care and clinical pathways by connecting patients, paramedics and clinicians, regardless of location and on the move, through unbreakable network connectivity.

Connectivity anywhere

Excelerate provide resilient and robust connectivity solutions ensuring healthcare workers always have access to emergency care. Benefits include quicker onsite patient diagnoses, access to remote support, faster hospital handover and a reduction in unnecessary coveyances to A&E.

Live video

Real-time video streaming from body-worn cameras and in-vehicle cameras provide a “see what I see” triage approach giving remote specialists a full 360° view of the patients health to facilitate collaborative decision making and getting patients the right care faster.


Not only can a connected response reduce costs with faster diagnosis, Excelerate’s fully managed service solves the current problem where many ambulances and on-board devices are fitted with multiple SIMs all with seperate billing and data usage requirements.

Connected Technology & Applications

Without robust, failsafe, and ubiquitous connectivity to underpin telemedicine technology, everything falls at the first hurdle. That is why at Excelerate Technology we push the boundaries to ensure that remote triage or consultation from rural locations.

Seamless connectivity on the go

Take your network with you with the Linx Hub portable Wi-Fi hotspot – allows the user to connect securely in the patients’ home or any other remote location. Discover more>

Optimise your 4G experience

Connect to the best available network with the Excell 4G LTE optimisation antenna – currently in use across GP surgeries, on-board ambulances and other specialist vehicles. Discover more>

Connect, stream and share

Excelerate’s video streaming solutions provide real-time situational awareness and enable anything from remote consultations to protecting front-line workers. Discover more>

Connectivity on-the-move

The Kymeta flat-panel satellite terminal addresses the need for high- throughput communication systems where on-the-move access to reliably connectivity is essential. Discover more>

Hybrid connectivity

The Hybrid Edge appliance bonds 4G, 5G, satellite and any other available connections offering unrivalled connectivity speed, reliability, and performance. 

The best coverage in a single SIM

4G Extra SIMs are unsteered and deliver connectivity across all the major networks in a single SIM. The SIM automatically detects and connects to the strongest available signal. Discover more>

Using technology to push the boundaries of NHS outreach services

Find & Treat is an inspirational service, helping those who are marginalised to access healthcare and improve their life chances.
Excelerate worked with NHS Find & Treat based at University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust by providing a ‘bedrock of connectivity’ to allow access to any range of applications in any area.
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Lulworth Responders

New advancements in mobile technology has allowed first responders to connect to the new 5G network infrastructure and benefit from seamless transfer of critical data between their devices and South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust teams to support their response to patients.
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Our work with NHS SPRINT

COVID-19 has caused many organisations to adapt quickly to remote working. It has highlighted a need for high quality and reliable connectivity – particularly in healthcare, to cope with increased demand and enforced restrictions.
With Intensive Care Units overflowing in South East London at the height of the pandemic, SPRINT – The Specialist Retrieval and Intensive Care Transfer Service adopted Excelerate’s Smart Ambulance Technology. This enabled SPRINT teams to treat patients more effectively on scene whilst reducing the strain on the NHS – a huge advancement in critical, pre-hospital emergency care.

Connecting health professionals to patients, anytime anywhere

Modern technology means that patients can often be treated at the scene. In order to ensure all critical applications stay online and the most up-to-date information is available, a robust and reliable internet connection is required.
Excelerate’s Smart Ambulance solution combines a selection of our products and connectivity services. This includes our on-board multi-wan router, Linx hub portable WiFi Hotspot, 4G optimisation antenna Excell, and the next generation Flat Panel satellite technology and services.
Together, these products create an onboard connectivity ecosystem, optimising cellular, satellite and wireless network capabilities. This provides medical professionals with a robust and reliable internet connection regardless of geographical constraints, which in turn enables seamless real-time data transfer between the devices onboard as well as clinical leads at alternative locations.

The Digital Ambulance of the Future Project

Hybrid Connex, an Excelerate-led consortium project combines a hardware platform (Hybrid Communications Module) and a fully-managed service (Hybrid Communications as a Service) which integrates High Throughput Satellite, Wi-Fi and 4G/5G networks enabling Ambulances and Healthcare Pathways access to fast, secure, seamless and fully-optimised connectivity and Cloud services.
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Hamad Medical – Driving ‘Hybrid Connectivity’ to Underpin Digital Transformation

Hamad Medical is leading the world in placing connectivity at the heart of its digital transformation strategy, enabling the best use of current and future technologies to improve command and control, situational awareness and ultimately patient care.

Creating an Ambulance Wide Network

Hamad Medical’s 220-strong fleet of smart ambulances and command vehicles features robust connectivity and the ability to support paramedics across a variety of operational
deployments. Each ambulance has been equipped with a vehicle router that will create an ‘Ambulance Wide Network’ along with an Excell 4G optimisation antenna.
Selected ambulances have an additional flat-panel satellite addressing the need for high- throughput communications on-the-move for added resilience.

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