In emergency scenarios, whether it’s responding to natural disasters, medical emergencies, or crisis situations, reliable and efficient connectivity is paramount for effective communication and coordination. Here are five insider tips tailored specifically for emergency responders who require enhanced remote connectivity:

Leveraging mobile hotspots: Rapid deployment and adaptability are essential attributes of effective emergency response operations and mobile hotspots are a game-changer when it comes to staying connected in remote environments and on-the-move. Investing in a good quality portable Wi-Fi hotspot like the Linx Hub ensures that responders can establish a secure and stable internet connection whenever needed ensuring real-time access to critical information. Developed by responders, for responders, the Linx Hub is widely used across fire and rescue, healthcare, and policing.

High-gain antennas: Antennas come in various types and designs, including omnidirectional and directional antennas, each suited for different environments and purposes. The Excell 4G LTE Optimisation antenna combines both. This hybrid configuration allows Excell to adapt dynamically to varying signal conditions, maximising coverage, and throughput. Excell has proven successful in many extreme, high signal loss environments and has been installed on over 220 ambulances for Hamad Medical Corporation as well as various other emergency service vehicles including incident command units and CCTV units world-wide. It can also be delivered as a portable system and is a popular tool for drone teams who operate remotely and need a high-quality connection to live stream footage.

Unsteered roaming:  Not all networks have reliable coverage everywhere. Most SIM cards force your device to stay connected to their primary network or their preferred partner, even if the signal is poor. This is called steered roaming. Excelerate’s 4G Extra Unsteered Roaming SIMs automatically connect to the strongest available signal for enhanced performance and added redundancy. This flexibility ensures that responders can maintain crucial connectivity even in areas with weak or no signal from their home carrier. The solution is a popular add-on for responders who utilise portable hotspots and body-worn cameras.

Satellite: When all other options fail, satellite connectivity remains a reliable fallback for remote connectivity. Satellite internet offers global coverage, making it suitable for locations where terrestrial networks are poor or do not exist. While satellite internet traditionally had limitations such as high latency and limited bandwidth, new advancements in technology like LEO (Low Earth Orbit) constellations, which are positioned closer to the Earth’s surface, offer low latency and high-speed data transfer, making them ideal for applications requiring real-time connectivity. In addition, new innovative hardware solutions, such as flat-panel satellites like the Kymeta HAWK u8 represent a significant leap forward in satellite technology. These antennas don’t require mechanical components to point to a satellite, providing a consistently connected experience whether stationary or on the move.

Hybrid connectivity: Hybrid networking utilises multiple internet connections, such as Wi-Fi, cellular, and satellite, however not all hybrid technologies available are created equal. Some can only switch between connections in case of network failure. Excelerate’s Hybrid Edge Appliance takes hybrid networking to the next level by bonding together the bandwidth of all the available networks for maximum speed and performance. Your application sees a single perfect connection, even if one or more networks fail. The Hybrid Edge Appliance is ideal for scenarios where high-speed, uninterrupted connectivity is critical and has recently proven successful as part of the Hybrid Connex Digital Ambulance of the Future Project.

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