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Overcoming Connectivity Challenges in the Security Industry

Reliable connectivity is a prerequisite for managing security operations. However, traditional infrastructure often falls short in various scenarios, presenting hurdles for maintaining a seamless connection. Whether it’s in remote areas, temporary sites, or harsh environments, security teams encounter obstacles that demand innovative solutions.
At Excelerate, we understand the diverse challenges faced by security professionals. That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of connectivity solutions tailored specifically for security applications. From portable communications networks to video surveillance and remote monitoring, our cutting-edge tools are designed to fortify security frameworks in even the most challenging environments.


Whether it’s ensuring surveillance in remote regions, securing temporary event venues, or safeguarding assets in harsh conditions, Excelerate provides the connectivity solutions you need to keep your security operations running smoothly, no matter the circumstances.

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Solutions that bridge the connectivity gap

Our range of solutions have been designed to overcome the connectivity challenges of remote construction sites.

Resilient satellite connectivity

Our range of fixed, vehicle mounted and portable satellite platforms provide resilient connectivity in environments where fast deployment is essential. Discover more>

Connectivity on-the-move

Secure communications network allowing users and devices to connect and share critical information without reliance on terrestrial networks. Discover more>

RapidNET Private LTE

The Hybrid Edge appliance bonds 4G, 5G, satellite and any other available connections offering unrivalled connectivity speed, reliability, and performance. Discover more>

Hybrid connectivity

The Excell 4G LTE Optimisation Antenna creates a significantly stronger and more stable connection – even in high signal loss environments. Discover more>

Rugged, deployable Wi-Fi

Take your network with you with the Linx Hub portable Wi-Fi hotspot – allows the user to connect securely within buildings or any other remote location. Discover more>

Connect, stream and share

Excelerate’s 4G Extra SIM has no priority network and will  switch to the best available connection for significantly increased coverage and performance. Discover more>

Real-time video streaming for enhanced safety, security and surveillance

Excelerate’s cutting-edge video streaming solutions play a pivotal role in achieving real-time situational awareness, offering immediate safety and reassurance.
This comprehensive suite includes the capability to live stream footage from drones directly to authorised devices via the award-winning UAV Streamer, providing a dynamic and agile perspective of the construction site. Additionally, Excelerate’s technology supports the integration of body-worn cameras, further fortifying security measures and ensuring a comprehensive approach to monitoring.
By leveraging these advanced communication and video streaming solutions, construction site operators can proactively deter and respond to security threats, minimising the risk of theft, vandalism, and unauthorised access. This not only safeguards valuable assets but also contributes to the overall safety and productivity of the construction project.
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