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Connected Vehicle Solutions

Driving ‘Hybrid Connectivity’ to Underpin Digital Transformation

As digital transformation progresses, Excelerate is supporting sectors with scalable and reliable connected fleet solutions. Delivering unrivalled performance and operational efficiency.

Here are the integrated plug-ins making the difference

In today’s world, many of us use apps and cloud-based services and rely heavily on the internet. We are also more mobile, working remotely from fixed based locations.
Excelerate specialises in connectivity challenged mobile environments, providing a range of vehicle and portable based connectivity hubs to overcome a variety of challenges to deliver effective services and improve the reliability of real-time data transfer.
We ensure our products are simple to use – taking the ‘iPhone approach’ – by making complex technology solutions easy to use and operate.
We have been delivering hybrid connectivity solutions for the past 20 years, enabling seamless connectivity across multiple bearers. Often our role as a specialist systems integrator is to develop the technology into a reliable and usable package for a specific user or market requirement.

What is Hybrid Connectivity?

To achieve a consistent, reliable internet connection onboard a vehicle it will need to utilise multiple networks, also known as hybrid connectivity. Hybrid connectivity allows the end user and on-board devices to connect to the internet over cellular, satellite WIFI, WAN or any other bearer that is available. Having the load spread across multiple connections maximises the available speed, bandwidth and throughput whilst ensuring no single point of failure. Therefore, if a network becomes congested or unavailable the vehicle will remain connected for enhanced resilience and added redundancy.

Example Configuration

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