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Elevate your UAV capability with live streaming technology

When it comes to drone technology, limited access to real-time footage has been a recurring challenge. Our UAV Streamer addresses this problem by transforming the way drone teams share and access live video streams.

Our UAV Streamer seamlessly integrates into your existing drone system, ensuring that the video feed is no longer confined to just the pilot.
All the pilot needs to do is plug it into the drone controller, allowing your team unprecedented access to live drone footage, thereby enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Seamless global access to live drone footage

Footage is transmitted securely over both public and private networks utilising the Exstream video application. Whether you're stationed at headquarters or on the move, our UAV Streamer allows your team to stay in sync with unfolding events, facilitating informed decision making on-the-go.

Any footage streamed via the Exstream video application is fully encrypted providing the
highest level of protection for our customers.

Live Stream Drone Mobile App
Live Stream Drone Mobile App2
Remote collaborators can access feeds via a command unit, CCTV van or any other specialist vehicle.
Feeds from multiple drones or other cameras can be viewed simultaneously.

Key features and benefits

Simple setup and seamless operation
‘Plug and play’ effortlessly via the HDMI connection and you’re ready to go. No complicated installations or technical expertise required.
Access video anywhere
View aerial footage from any number of authorised devices or computers with an internet connection and web browser to enable more eyes on the scene.
Intuitive touch screen interface
The user-friendly interface makes selecting the stream resolution and frame rate options a breeze. Customise settings to suit your organisation’s specific needs effortlessly.
Record locally, export easily
Keep a record of critical incidents with local recording functionality. When needed, effortlessly export and share important footage for further analysis.
Real-time streaming
Enhance tactical coordination by sharing live footage from the drone of any developing situations as they unfold.
Inherently secure
Rest assured, your data is in safe hands. Secure login and credentials ensure only the right eyes see the action.
UAV streamer

Tough enough for any challenge

  • Rugged outer casing, designed to be used in high pressured and hazardous environments.
  • Small, lightweight and easily portable, weighing only 5.4KG.
  • Suitable for prolonged deployments with an incredible 8-hour battery life.

Optional enhancements

Unsteered Roaming
Unsteered roaming
Unsteered roaming SIMs are a huge benefit to drone teams who operate across multiple locations. Excelerate’s unsteered roaming SIM has no priority network and will seamlessly switch to the best available connection. This ensures significantly increased network coverage and performance.
Hybrid Connectivity
Superior hybrid connectivity
Excelerate’s Hybrid Edge SD-WAN add-on allows you to combine the bandwidth of any available network for maximum speed and performance. Data is compressed and optimised for even faster transmission overcoming delays and packet loss that can occur when operating remotely.
Vehicle-based integration
Many of Excelerate’s existing customers have drone streaming integrated in to their vehicles. By having more eyes on the drone feed, remote teams and off-site collaborators are able to promptly assess any situation and make informed decisions regarding resource allocation and response strategies.

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A UAV Streamer can:

  • Add value to your existing UAV solution
  • Enhance situational awareness
  • Improve operational outcomes