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Rapid Deploy Camera


Currently being used by police, fire and ambulance services, our range of rapid deploy cameras are designed to be used within harsh and challenging environments. They provide the capability to view a HD-quality video feed throughout the incident ground and wider organisation in real time.
The cameras can be mounted on tripods to provide the ultimate portable solution, or integrated onto specialist vehicles, such as high reach aerial appliances, incident command units, or mounted onto masts.

Camera Options

The cameras are available with a range of capability, from PTZ control, thermal imaging, infrared illumination, and more.

Connectivity options

Both COFDM and LTE connectivity options are available


LTE ensures low latency and high-quality footage via public and private 3G/4G networks, meaning that the feed can be shared with viewers in any location. Users can select their choice of resolution and frame rate all the way up to HD, and as low as two frames per second. This is particularly useful if the end user is in an area with poor network coverage and still needs to transmit real-time footage.
For added resilience, users can opt for a 4G unsteered roaming SIM that utilises all the major networks and automatically connects to the strongest available signal. Discover more here


COFDM technology is a resilient transmission form that is ideal in areas with little or no cellular connectivity and is designed to work in situations such as underground networks, tunnels and buildings when normal transmission is typically compromised. It provides a resilient point-to-point link allowing real-time footage to be shared more than 1km in line-of-sight and 500m in structural environments.

Control and view options

Control and view options for the rapid deploy cameras can be built direct into a vehicle and/or a portable Peli case receiving station.

Secure video streaming

Through our connectivity and Exstream ecosystem, a feed can be streamed to any connected device and location with the correct log in credentials. The Exstream streaming service enables the connection of multiple cameras and includes the ability to securely manage user settings and access to streams. Discover more here

Excelerate’s rapid deploy camera solution is currently supporting a wide range of applications