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LINX HUB – portable WIFI Hotspot

Take your network with you

Connectivity is key to staying informed and connected to the wider world. This is especially true in emergency situations where timely communication and access to information is critical.

Enter the Linx Hub portable Wi-Fi hotspot. Designed with mobility in mind, the Linx Hub brings an ‘out of office’ experience to any environment by ensuring emergency responders have access to reliable connectivity.

Connectivity on the move

Users can utilise Linx Hub to quickly establish internet connectivity, enabling them to access critical information, coordinate responses, and communicate with cooperating responders and other agencies in real-time.

In emergency situations where flexibility and mobility are paramount, the Linx Hub's lightweight and compact design allows teams to easily carry and set up connectivity wherever needed.

Linx Hub can bridge communication gaps between different agencies, providing a common platform for sharing information and collaborating during emergencies. Users can also assign or change the amount of available bandwidth to different user groups.

portable wifi hotspot drone teams

Adaptable and reliable in emergency operations

Linx Hub supports remote monitoring systems, such as cameras or drones, enabling the acquisition of valuable visual data and enhancing situational awareness.

Deploying one or more Linx Hub Wi-Fi hotspots presents a cost-effective solution for providing connectivity in remote or temporary emergency response situations. They eliminate the need for infrastructure investment and can be quickly deployed and scaled up or down based on operational requirements.

Wifi hotspot dual SIM

Enhanced connectivity

Dual SIM for robust coverage. Connect up to 150 devices within 280m range (Wi-Fi 6)

Flexible charging options

8-hour battery life. Charge, transit, and store on a vehicle/ mobile unit using 12VDC or 240VAC


Rugged &

Designed for harsh environments. IP68 rated. Can withstand -10 to +45ºC


Easy access to connectivity information, network controls, lighting and remote support

Wifi hotspot with GPS


Built in GPS for improved location and tracking. Integrates with 3rd party command software

WiFi hotspot satellite backhaul


Includes LAN and WAN ethernet ports. Can connect to fixed broadband or satellite backhaul

Excelerate’s Linx Hub solution is currently supporting a wide range of applications

portable wifi hotspot