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Streamline incident response with Excelerate's Digital Dashboard Management Interface (DDMI)

In the fast-paced world of incident response, every second counts. That's why we’ve developed our Digital Dashboard Management Interface (DDMI) - a revolutionary software designed to simplify the deployment and management of complex systems and incident command units.
With DDMI, users can deploy both incident command units and our range of portable technologies at the touch of a button. This drastically reduced deployment times, allowing responders to focus their efforts where they are needed the most.

Enhanced system integration

DDMI is scalable and can be customised to specific organisations and operational requirements. Example integrations include video management and automation of vehicle systems e.g. lighting, air conditioning, hydraulic legs, vehicle body slide-outs and camera mast control.

Command Vehicle Software
hydraulic legs

Third party applications can also be integrated. This includes command software, physiological monitoring and access to back-office systems.
DDMI is continuously developed and supported by our dedicated software developers providing updates and bug fixes in addition to integration and user advancements. It also allows us to work with customers to include additional tailored user functionality and bespoke integration.

DDMI’s Vehicle Network Manager module is a popular choice across 4×4 response vehicles, providing comprehensive connectivity information at your fingertips

Example use cases: What our customers say

Excelerate's Digital Dashboard Management Interface (DDMI) it's a versatile tool that comes as standard onboard command and control units supplied by Excelerate. These vehicles with DDMI integration serve as a central hub for managing operations in dynamic environments. DDMI’s ability to integrate with various systems provides a unified view of critical information makes it indispensable for incident commanders and decision-makers across a wide range of industries.

“The DDMI system has made it much easier for us to use the vehicle and to manage multiple aspects of the vehicle’s operation through its single dashboard, although the dashboard can be called up on any of the many screens, as well as portable tablet.”

Thomas Reimann, Executive Director of Healthcare Coordination and Support Services Hamad Medical Corporation

“Using Excelerate’s DDMI platform, we are able to have complete control of the vehicle and display various sources of information. It gives very simple one button operation for things like the mast, the satellite and power systems. This means our operators can focus on getting to work as quickly as possible.”

Michael Carpenter, Station Commander ICU Team Hampshire and Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue

“The Joint Command Unit has a number of screens which can all be controlled via the DDMI software. This allows us to bring up multiple sources of information and display it on
any screen we want which is especially beneficial at larger incidents when we are working alongside other agencies.”

Nick Gayton, Station Commander JCU Team Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service