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Technology that continues to transform and enhance military operations globally

As technology continues to evolve and improve the capabilities of military forces worldwide, access to resilient and reliable connectivity has never been more crucial.
For over 20 years, we’ve been providing user-friendly hybrid communications systems that can be set-up and deployed quickly – allowing users to focus on the mission without having to worry about the technology.

Expert systems integration: enabling a rapid, data-driven response

As innovators and developers, with our own in-house R&D and engineering teams, we can respond to market requirements with incredible flexibility.
Niche and agnostic in our approach, we work closely with our customers to overcome boundaries and limitations by unifying communications through expert systems integration – enabling real-time intelligence and reconnaissance, interoperability and enhanced situational awareness.

Flexible deployment for all environments

Through a combination of sophisticated technology, hybrid communications and expert systems integration, users can effectively manage tactical operations from anywhere.

We are proud that in our 20+ years of experience, we have developed a service offering that is trusted, fit-for-purpose and dedicated to supporting military personnel and the critical environments in which they operate.

Connected Technology & Applications

All our solutions aim to improve mobility and readiness so split-second decision-making is never compromised by poor connectivity.

Resilient satellite connectivity

Our range of fixed, vehicle mounted and portable satellite platforms provide resilient connectivity in environments where fast deployment is essential. Discover more>

Connectivity on-the-move

Our range of vehicle-based solutions addresses the need for high- throughput communications on-the-move where access to reliable connectivity is essential. Discover more>

RapidNET Private LTE

Secure communications network allowing users and devices to connect and share critical information without reliance on terrestrial networks. Discover more>

Hybrid connectivity

The Hybrid Edge appliance bonds 4G, 5G, satellite and any other available connections offering unrivalled connectivity speed, reliability, and performance. Discover more>

Rugged, deployable Wi-Fi

Take your network with you with the Linx Hub portable Wi-Fi hotspot – allows the user to connect securely within buildings or any other remote location. Discover more>

Connect, stream and share

Excelerate’s range of video streaming solutions provides real-time situational awareness providing safety and reassurance in the moment. Discover more>

Excelerate’s Advanced Technology and Connectivity Solutions Take Centre Stage During Ukrainian Dignitaries’ Visit to the UK

Two dignitaries from Ukraine visit the UK to learn about the latest technology being used by the emergency services.

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