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Enhanced Cellular Roaming


When it comes to data roaming, most mobile network operators switch users to their preferred partner network (steered roaming). This means the SIM is forced to use that chosen network, even if the signal quality and connection is poor.
Excelerate’s unsteered roaming SIM, on the other hand, has no priority network and will seamlessly switch to the best available connection. This ensures significantly increased coverage, performance, reliability and added resilience.
Our SIM will only change networks when the mobile signal drops below a pre-determined threshold. As a result, your device will always connect to the strongest signal available.

Pooled data plans tailored to your organisation

In most organisations, there will be those who regularly go over their data allowance, whilst others hardly use theirs. 4G Extra allows you to share data between multiple devices. This means that those who use less data don’t get charged for wasted data that isn’t used.
Our service is fully managed so you will be notified if your data allowance for your pool is running low and you can top up at any time.

Example Plan

With 4G Extra, you can tailor a data plan to fit your specific organisation’s needs and share it between users, devices and across your fleet. Your team will get access to loads of data to share over a 12-month period.
In this example, the customer has five fleet vehicles on a 4G Extra plan giving a total of 500GB shared internet data. Within the plan, customers can also connect a mixture of devices from phones, tablets, wi-fi hotspots, body-worn cameras and more.
Some months throughout the year, you may require more data. By having access to one large data pool, you have the freedom and flexibility to use your data, as and when needed

Excelerate’s 4G Extra Unsteered Roaming SIM is currently supporting a wide range of applications

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