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Central and Local Government

Government departments at the national and regional levels rely today on failsafe connectivity to deliver their services.
Excelerate Technology is underpinning Global Government initiatives and public services with hybrid connectivity solutions across a diverse landscape.
From community initiatives and outreach programmes through to public safety, security and healthcare projects, our teams work collaboratively with key stakeholders to integrate technology and services underpinning digital transformation projects and critical communications.
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Digital Transformation in Communities
Fuelled by Hybrid Connectivity

Excelerate’s Hybrid Connectivity Network can benefit communities in countless ways. By leveraging the capabilities of 4G, 5G, satellite and IoT, even the most rural areas of the nation can experience always-on, resilient and reliable connectivity and level-up their public services, boost tourism, and accelerate social change.

Transport, Traffic
Management and Mobility

In addition to providing in-vehicle connectivity, Excelerate has delivered solutions that enable smarter safer roads for improved traffic management and energy efficiency.

Public Safety and

Excelerate provide failsafe connectivity that is currently supporting a range of applications including pilotless drones, CCTV and even 5G connected buoys at sea.


From digital signage to connected coastlines, no matter where you are, our network ensures visitors have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips.

Support for Local

Network disruptions can have huge implications on businesses. By utlising mulitple bearers, our networks provides the resilience needed to always be online and maximise day-to-day operations.

Education and
Community Outreach

Excelerate have connected a number of vehicle-based youth information services and mobile libraries all of which have been designed to inspire smarter learning.

Digital Healthcare &

Unbreakable network connectivity improves patient care and clinical pathways by connecting patients, paramedics and clinicians, regardless of location and on the move.

5G RuralDorset demonstrates the commercial value of improved connectivity in rural Dorset.

The project focuses on four key areas (food production, industrial applications, rural applications and public safety) that present the most compelling case for increased investment in 5G and hybrid networks.

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Matt Warman MP, Minister for Digital Infrastructure

LFR SWAST testimonials

Lulworth First Responders use new 5G technology

Festival of the Future

In addition to sharing information on what a “digital town” might look like in the future, the festival highlighted exciting digital innovations taking place throughout the county, including the award-winning 5G Rural Dorset project where Excelerate provided the UK’s first Satellite backhaul from a 5G Standalone network.
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Valerann and Excelerate Technology leverage
space technology enabled ITS to enhance
security at the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022

Large-scale events such as sporting games and concerts, attract significant numbers of pedestrians and passenger vehicles resulting in substantial non-recurring road traffic congestion. Properly managing movement and anticipating traffic bottlenecks in real time during these events is crucial for travel safety, efficient mobility, and CO2 emission reduction.
By leveraging a combination of satellite communications, CCTV, GPS and the Lantern AI-driven real-time traffic analytics platform, Milton Keynes Council achieved the most comprehensive overview of any road in real-time and were able to manage any disruption proactively ahead of UEFA Women’s Euro2022.
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HMP Oakwood use Rapidly Deployable Camera System to Enhance Security

Ensuring the safety and security of the country’s prisons is a difficult and ongoing operation. One of the most prevalent issues currently facing prison officers is how to effectively inhibit the presence of contraband within the prison walls.
Our revolutionary rapid deployment communication system Sherpa, is an easy-to-use, portable climbing camera and communications solution that can be set-up within minutes, offering immediate, high quality video and network coverage. The solution can be quickly and randomly deployed at different hotspots around a prisons perimeter, helping to prevent the smuggling of contraband from entering the prison.
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