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Innovation to solve customer problems has been at the heart of Excelerate’s ethos since it was founded in 2001. Two decades later, that investment in innovation continues to underpin our drive towards a secure, resilient and connected world.
“With our market focus and commitment to making technology useful and accessible to users, we have successfully introduced innovative solutions that are now in everyday use.”
Simon Hill, Technical Director
Excelerate’s experience spans a diverse portfolio and wide spectrum of capabilities which include:
• Research & Development
• Our In-house R&D team monitors leading-edge communications and technologies, continuously supporting the development of products and projects
• Integrated Technology and Connectivity Projects
• Overcoming real-world problems mean we test and prove our solutions within real-world environments.
From day one our customers can be confident they will have a fully operational, resilient solution and a partner for life that is able to support all service requirements from now and into the future – no matter how the landscape shifts or how the technology advances.
This experience is put to test every day by customers.
Secure Satellite, Cellular and Private Non-Terrestrial Networks and Hosted Services
We pioneered the concept of rapidly deployable, totally independent and resilient broadband via satellite, which now supports a broad range of applications in emergency incident management.
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Excelerate is the only provider within the UK, and perhaps globally, to operate a privately managed network dedicated to emergency and civil response with enhanced resilience. Our innovative solutions have changed the way emergency services command & control respond to major incidents.
Now, we have taken this innovation to new markets, where a robust and resilient connectivity infrastructure and eco-system underpins operations across a whole host of emergency, civil defence, corporate, logistic and even consumer solutions and applications.
With our agnostic approach and now proven methodology we deliver and implement Integrated technology solutions. Likewise, we wholeheartedly believe that technology should be an enabler and embed end user and operational outcomes at the forefront of design, implementation and delivery.
Through innovation, our aim is to connect anyone, anywhere, any time.