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Hybrid Edge Appliance

Unrivalled Hybrid Connectivity

The Hybrid Edge Appliance takes hybrid connectivity to the next level offering unrivalled performance even in communications-challenged environments.

What sets Hybrid Edge apart?

Unlike other hybrid connectivity routers that only switch between networks, Excelerate’s Hybrid Edge Appliance allows you to combine the bandwidth of all the available networks allowing any application to utilise all of the available combined bandwidth for maximum speed and performance.

If a network goes down you will remain connected and nothing will fail.

But you get so much more than that…


Data is compressed and optimised for even faster transmission overcoming delays and packet loss that can occur when operating remotely


Hybrid Edge uses advanced encryption techniques and splits the data over multiple networks for added security


Supports next-generation mobile devices and any other authorised equipment that require internet access


Prioritise traffic so the most important data is delivered first. For example, users can give audio higher priority than video


Manages the seamless handover between active connections in the event of loss or disruption to any single network


Designed to fit into a standard 19-inch rack. Can alternatively be fixed to any flat surface such as a shelf, or floor, or mounted to a wall

Hybrid Edge Appliance Excelerate

Brilliance built-in

Expertly designed by our in-house engineering team

01. OLED DISPLAY Fully customisable to user requirements. Examples include signal strength, connection speeds, or logo

02. LAN 4 x LAN ports to connect multiple devices for even faster speeds

03. WAN 2 x WAN ports to plug in additional connections such as fibre, satellite, or an Excell antenna

04. USB 2 x USB ports to support a wide variety of scenarios to plug in a USB device

Designed for Longevity

Hybrid Edge is a fully modular design and can easily be upgraded when new technologies become available. The solution is fully scalable and customisable to user requirements with its own built-in computer to host any other applications.

Flexible Deployment

The standard deployment is with Excelerate’s Hybrid Edge Appliance (19 -inch rack mount) however, the full feature set of Hybrid Edge SD-WAN is available regardless of platform deployment. This includes optional enhancements to Excelerate’s UAV Streamer and Linx Hub portable Wi-Fi Hotspot. Hybrid Edge SD-WAN can also be configured as per customer requirements.

Hybrid Edge Rack Mounted

Standard Deployment – 19-inch rack mount

Linx Hub Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot with Hybrid Edge SD-WAN

Laptop with Hybrid Edge SD-WAN

Example Network Configuration

Excelerate’s Hybrid Edge Appliance is currently supporting a wide range of applications

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