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Video Technology and Streaming Solutions


The world we live in is becoming increasingly connectivity-centric. The number of devices used in the field is ever increasing and reliable connectivity is critical for any number of smart devices to function.

Devices like body-worn cameras and UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) rely on varying degrees of connectivity.
At Excelerate, we streamline connectivity by developing solutions that are simple and user-friendly. For us, it’s about making complex technologies simple so that responders can focus on the task at hand, rather than the technology.


The Exstream Video streaming service enables the connection of multiple camera applications and includes the ability to securely manage user settings and access to streams.

Exstream can simultaneously display, record, review and export images and remote streams from multiple locations and devices. Footage can be accessed in real-time by multiple people on any authorised device with an internet connection. The footage captured is also stored so that it can be accessed in the future.

This secure video provision forms part of the fully managed resilient communications infrastructure and is hosted within the proposed ISO27001 dual teleports (national critical infrastructure approved).

  •  Locally viewed, recorded, and played back simultaneously.
  • Streamed via any connectivity bearer to any authorised remote location/device.
  • Configured within third party software/management systems.

Excelerate’s Video Streaming solutions currently supporting a wide range of applications