Gwent Police is one of the smallest police forces, but whose footprint covers one of the most prestigious venues in Wales. Celtic Manor. Celtic Manor has attracted some of the largest events to be held in the UK, namely the Foreign Ministers Conference in 2005, and golf’s showcase event, the Ryder Cup.

2014 saw the NATO Conference arrive at Celtic Manor, and with it, a considerable set of security and communications objectives.

Overview of Solutions

  • Unique integrated satellite capability for Gwent Police, ensuring fall-back position for all 5 control rooms.
  • Mitigation against significant cyber – attack to guarantee communications resilience
  • Quick deploy of situational awareness products – such as Sherpa and Body Worn Camera – to supplement local CCTV and ensure 360 visibility
  • One-hour notice response to change of plans, deploying a mobile command vehicle in support of local force to facilitate Obama stop=off at Stonehenge
  • On-site Excelerate engineer support across the three days