Hereford and Worcester, and Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service (HWFRS and SFRS) have incorporated new advanced technology to improve their emergency response capabilities. Understanding the importance of quick and efficient action in emergencies, the services have focused on enhancing connectivity for their drone teams.

Central to this initiative is the adoption of the Linx Hub portable Wi-Fi hotspot, provided by Excelerate. This cutting-edge technology enables HWFRS and SFRS drone teams to maintain a stable internet connection and live stream footage, even in challenging environments.

The Linx Hub’s versatility extends beyond conventional Wi-Fi hotspots. It is specifically designed to meet the unique demands of drone operations, offering seamless, high-quality internet connectivity for real-time video transmission. This capability is invaluable during emergency situations, where access to live video feeds and data can significantly enhance situational awareness and decision-making.

The Linx Hub ensures enhanced mobile connectivity, even in areas with poor coverage. The seamless integration with their existing drone system enables responders from HWFRS and SRFRS to gather critical live footage effectively, facilitating a more coordinated and efficient response to incidents.

Richard Cooper, Watch Commander at Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service stated, “The integration of advanced connectivity solutions elevates our emergency response capabilities. With the Linx Hub, our drone teams can effortlessly stream footage and maintain communication with responders, both on-site and off-site, enabling us to adapt swiftly to dynamic situations.”

This accessibility is made possible through Excelerate’s Exstream Video Application, which guarantees the highest level of protection for customer data through full encryption.

At larger incidents, drone pilots can securely stream footage directly back to the services Incident Command Units (ICU), which were also provided by Excelerate. This seamless integration ensures the protection of sensitive information throughout operations. The ICUs are equipped with an array of hybrid communication capabilities, including both satellite and advanced cellular technologies, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity even in the most challenging environments.

Bethan Evans, Chief Operating Officer at Excelerate, expressed, “We are proud to collaborate with long-standing customers Hereford and Worcester and Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service in deploying the Linx Hub portable Wi-Fi hotspot. This technology, combined with their existing ICUs, demonstrates our commitment to providing innovative solutions that empower responders to operate effectively in any situation.”

By prioritising connectivity solutions tailored to the needs of their drone teams, HWFRS and SRFRS are reinforcing their commitment to leveraging technology to enhance emergency response effectiveness.

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