“We can access patient data through the crew’s tablets and ultimately save lives.”

These are the words of Anthony Pack, community responder for South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, as he talks openly about how he, and other first responders along the Dorset Coastline, get the “right information, at the right time,” in an area where signal issues previously blighted their operations and crucially, their ability to relay critical information.

Developing and implementing a robust and resilient 5G network infrastructure has not only improved connectivity along the Jurassic coastline, it has also enabled us to work with Lulworth First Responders in overcoming challenges with crucial connectivity.

Fitting their vehicle with a router and our cellular optimisation product, Excell, as well as our portable Linx Hub, has allowed first responders to connect to the new 5G network infrastructure and benefit from seamless transfer of critical data between their devices and South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust teams to support their response to patients.

In this video, we hear how Anthony and his colleague, Dave Sale, not only now have failsafe connectivity to relay critical information from areas which traditionally had unreliable coverage back to ambulance control, but also how this allows them to access the information they need, immediately, to make informed decisions.

2021, a landmark year for Excelerate and Rural Dorset

Ensuring Lulworth First Responders could seamlessly connect to the new 5G network infrastructure was just part of a significant year for Excelerate and Dorset.

We led the works package for the award-winning 5G RuralDorset connected coastline for the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport’s (DCMS) backed research project.

One of a number of funded projects where we were recognised as leading the way in ubiquitous connectivity in challenging environments, this particular £8million-funded programme has had a profound impact upon the safety, wellbeing and quality of life for the residents of Dorset, the first responders we continue to support, and the 12 million tourists who visit Dorset’s coastline each year.

To find out how and where this ground-breaking project is making a difference, including our partnership with Jet Engineering System Solutions that has seen the development of buoys that can monitor surf conditions, aiding decision making on whether the area is safe and increasing awareness of potential risks. Or to see how digital signage is providing safety information to the public in real time, including tide times, weather warnings and cliff erosion click here.

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