Not all networks have reliable coverage everywhere. Most SIM cards force your device to stay connected to their primary network or their preferred partner, even if the signal is poor. This is called steered roaming. Excelerate’s 4G Extra SIMs are unsteered and always prioritise connectivity, which is essential for keeping critical applications online, regardless of location. In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of our Unsteered Roaming SIMs.

Seamless Connectivity in Remote Areas

One of the primary challenges faced by emergency responders is the lack of network coverage in remote locations. Traditional SIM cards might be limited by their carrier’s network coverage, leaving responders without vital communication in critical situations. Excelerate’s 4G Extra Unsteered Roaming SIMs, on the other hand, are not tied to a single carrier. They can connect to any available network, ensuring that responders maintain connectivity, even in areas with weak or no signal from their home carrier.

Network Redundancy

 Emergencies can disrupt local communication networks, making it crucial to have access to backup options. Unsteered Roaming SIMs provide network redundancy by automatically connecting to the strongest available signal. This redundancy ensures that emergency responders can stay connected even when some local networks are overloaded or damaged due to natural disasters or large-scale incidents.

Pooled Data

Pooled data is when an organisation can share a chosen amount of data between multiple devices with one bill. Sharing from one big data pool means those who use less data don’t get charged for wasted data that isn’t use.

One of the biggest problems this solves for our emergency services customers is that data usage can be almost impossible to predict, especially if there is a major incident where a large amount of data is required in one go. Not only is there a cost issue if users exceed the data allowance, but fair usage policies can also slow down the quality of service which can have devastating impacts.

Customers who are on an Excelerate 4G Extra Pooled Data Plan are free to use as little or as much of their data as and when needed without compromising the quality of service. We also bill annually so our customers do not lose any data at the end of each month and are free to top-up anytime.

Simplified Billing

Having multiple SIM cards on different carriers with different data allowances for your remote team or across your fleet can be a logistical challenge. Unsteered Roaming SIMs simplify this process by eliminating the need for multiple individual carrier-specific SIM cards. This streamlined approach reduces administrative tasks, making it easier to manage.

Example use cases

 Many of our customers utilise our 4G Extra service onboard specialist vehicles and devices like our Linx Hub portable Wi-Fi hotspot, UAV Streamer, and streaming body worn cameras.

Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service and the Environment Agency have seamlessly integrated our pooled and unsteered SIM cards, ensuring a robust connectivity infrastructure across both their fleet,Linx Hub Wi-Fi hotspots, and streaming body worn cameras. The challenge they both aimed to overcome was establishing a comprehensive connectivity framework that enables reliable communication across diverse environments, facilitating real-time information sharing from the fire ground and remote locations. Discover more here

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