This May, Excelerate exhibited at the Ambition/Security & Counter Terror Expo at Olympia London. If you didn’t get chance to attend, here are a few highlights on what took place.

Managing Director Nicola Savage and Business Development/Customer Account Manager Matt Wroughton took to the stage on both days and delivered well-received seminars on how Excelerate’s solutions are being utilised across a wide range of applications.

Day one’s seminar took place in the Ambition theatre where Nicola and Matt spoke at length on the evolution of technology within the Emergency Services, most notably Excelerate’s range of Incident Ground Technology for the Hazardous Area Response Teams (HART) and the successful delivery of the Joint Command Unit for Northamptonshire Police and Fire & Rescue Service.

On day two, speaking in the Border Security Theatre within the Counter Terror Expo, Nicola and Matt focused on how instrumental resilient communications (3G, 4G, LTE, Satellite and COFDM transmission) have been in aiding forces share real-time situational awareness with a number of integrated camera solutions, with particular focus on Excelerate’s latest surveillance tool ‘Proculux’.

Some of the solutions demonstrated include

Incident Ground Technology Solutions

Our range of portable solutions as chosen by the Hazardous Area Response Teams (HART) can provide the flexible capacity to support incident communications in all environments and scenarios.


‘Reflex’ 4×4 Vehicle Mounted Comms Pod

Reflex is equipped with a satellite platform, 3/4G failover, integrated emergency lights, scene lights and 360º camera recording.


Sherpa – automatic lamp post climbing CCTV & communications delivery system

Due to its versatility, Sherpa is currently in use for a wide range of applications including major events, crowd control, prison security, transport, border control, airport security and more.

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