Collaboration between excelerate technology and unblur, improves safety and situational awareness at major incidents

UK-leading technology partner to UK emergency response organisations, Excelerate Technology and leading data-driven solutions provider for front-line emergency services Unblur, based in Barcelona, have announced a non-exclusive partnership that marries market-leading communications infrastructure and an intelligent platform to revolutionise safety, situational awareness, communications and incident response for UK emergency services.

Excelerate’s Integrated approach provides a robust and reliable communications infrastructure and connectivity eco-system to support and underpin Digital transformation applications which includes the IRIS Core platform. The ‘always on’ solution improves on-scene situational awareness, interoperability and operational outcomes for first responders.

The partnership is born out of an instrumental collaboration which saw input into Mid & West Wales Fire & Rescue Service’s (MAWWFRS) Transformation2020 Digitisation “T20” programme. T20 was designed to overcome key challenges for emergency services such as gaining real-time situational awareness, the ability to track and know the location of personnel in any given environment, and to easily share that critical data through a robust and resilient network infrastructure.