Join the Excelerate team at BAPCO and discover the latest technology and hybrid connectivity solutions being used across public safety and first responders to enhance how we work, manage, and respond. If you are looking at new ways to improve your operations or are interested in the latest emerging technologies, you won’t want to miss this! It’s a free-to-attend event where we will be on hand to offer helpful guidance and innovative thinking.

Some of the topics we will cover will include:

hybrid edge

The Latest Technology Launch: Hybrid Edge Appliance

Optimised Hybrid connectivity for a faster, more resilient connection

The Hybrid Edge Appliance takes hybrid connectivity to the next level offering unrivalled performance even in communications-challenged environments.

Unlike other hybrid connectivity routers that only switch between networks, Excelerate’s Hybrid Edge Appliance combines the bandwidth of all the available networks for maximum speed, performance, and added resilience.

The solution incorporates many other benefits including data prioritisation, acceleration, and secure encryption for added resilience, faster data transfer and robust video streams. A future-proof design, Hybrid Edge is ready for 5G, LEO (low earth orbit satellite), and beyond.

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Transforming Rural Communities with Satellite and 5G

5G RuralDorset demonstrates the commercial value of improved connectivity in rural communities. The project focuses on four key areas (food production, industrial applications, rural applications, and public safety) that present the most compelling case for increased investment in 5G and hybrid networks.

Excelerate provided the UK’s first satellite backhaul from a 5G standalone network which has been driving change in every walk of life for the people of Dorset. This includes everything from keeping residents and visitors safe to ensuring businesses along the seafront never miss a payment due to poor connectivity – even at peak times.

Not to be missed: 5G Rural Networks in Dorset: a case study

Wednesday, March 8, 2023 | 12:30 PM to 1:00 PM |Theatre B | Main Programme

Project Manager Garry Littledyke from Dorset Council and Sales Manager Callum Farrell at Excelerate will be sharing lessons learned from the 5G RuralDorset project and discussing what digital Dorset may look like in the future.

New Incident Command Unit for Malta’s Civil Protection Department (CPD)

Excelerate partnered with Emergency One UK to deliver the latest in a fleet of vehicles for Malta Civil Protection (CPD).

The state of art Incident Command Unit (ICU) has been equipped with secure and resilient communications and hosted services alongside technologies enabling real-time situational awareness and the transfer of data, video, and voice across any deployment.

This spectacular vehicle will act as a mobile hub for incident commanders and multi-agency personnel across multiple operational deployments, including major incidents.

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Live Streaming: Delivering Safety & Reassurance in the Moment

Live-streaming capability delivers an objective view of an event as it unfolds enabling real-time situational awareness and improved safety through sharing footage with responding personnel. We will be showcasing a range of solutions which include body-worn cameras, rapid deploy cameras and our award-winning UAV Streamer – all of which are currently benefiting emergency services across the globe.

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First of five new mobile CCTV units in place at South Wales Police

 These new vehicles will enhance the force’s existing capabilities in combatting incidents ranging from planned events through to rural and local surveillance. Specialist units such as South Wales Police’s drone team can use the unit as a remote base during events, due to resilient connectivity and accessible power sources.

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Delivering a totally scalable and flexible ‘connected fleet’ solution for Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service

Having already worked with Excelerate to deliver their Incident Command Unit (ICU), the Linx Hub portable Wi-Fi hotspot was developed to work alongside the service’s existing technology but also provide the flexibility to take the network infrastructure ‘beyond the vehicle’. In essence, MAWWFRS required a non-fixed and flexible ‘connectivity anywhere’ solution that can vastly improve situational awareness by being able to reliably track personnel within a building or when deployed at a whole host of incidents – from industrial and forest fires through to water rescue operations.

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Using Technology to Push the Boundaries of NHS Outreach Services

The Find & Treat NHS Outreach Service pushes the boundaries of technical possibility where they are taking diagnostics to some of the most vulnerable people in society. The vehicle is equipped with robust satellite and cellular communications meaning no matter where they deploy, they can behave like they are in a hospital and connect directly with NHS IT systems, significantly improving service times and the patient experience.

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The Hybrid Connex Digital Ambulance of the Future Project

This joint NHS and commercial technology initiative will provide the UK ambulance sector with a resilient connectivity solution for ambulances that combines 4G, 5G, and satellite connections, and means that the crew onboard the vehicle will never be offline. A connected ambulance will enable crews to provide a range of new, on-the-spot services whilst reducing the strain on hospitals which is a huge advancement in critical, pre-hospital emergency care.

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