In the fast-paced world of emergency services where every second counts, seamless connectivity and advanced technologies play a pivotal role in ensuring efficient operations. At Excelerate, we take pride in leading the way to deliver these essential solutions, and we are thrilled to share our latest innovations with you from this year’s show.

Standout speaker sessions

One of the standout sessions featured an update on the Hybrid Connex project, specifically focusing on the pilot led by the East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust. EEAST is the first ambulance service to pilot this innovative technology which combines software, hardware, cellular, and satellite services to provide ambulance crews with uninterrupted connectivity. Discover more here>

Another session that drew considerable attention was “the blended approach to connectivity for emergency services” presented by our UK Sales Manager, Callum Farrell. Callum shared new and innovative methods to enhance response times, situational awareness, and collaborative working by leveraging bonded high-speed satellite, cellular, and IoT capabilities, offering valuable insights into the future of connectivity for emergency services.

From space to the front line

Low earth orbit (LEO) satellite technology is a game-changer, offering reliable, high-speed communication without relying on traditional infrastructure. This is crucial, especially during an emergency when terrestrial networks are prone to being overwhelmed or if an incident occurs in a remote location where coverage is patchy or unavailable – satellite can be the lifeline. While many emergency services already use satellite technology as a backup, I believe it’s time for it to play a more prominent role.

The world of satellite services is evolving rapidly, becoming more accessible and affordable. Soon, there won’t be a single spot on the globe where broadband can’t be accessed, powered by a combination of satellite, 5G, and other technologies.

Taking the hybrid approach

With the rise of LEO satellites and 5G coverage becoming more widely accessible, we recognise the opportunity for emergency services to enjoy true resilience, and that hybrid connectivity will play a critical role in delivering that. By creating new technologies that incorporate and bond multiple different connections as a core feature, we have created a more resilient and higher quality solution for emergency response.

Our latest innovation, the Hybrid Edge Appliance, harnesses the power of multiple satellite and cellular networks to ensure that you always have a backup plan in place. This device can bond all your different networks together, combining all the bandwidth and improving your connection significantly. Alternatively you might only want to use the most cost-effective network, and the Hybrid Edge Appliance gives the user the ability to select which route works best for them.

By leveraging the power of satellite, cellular and other advanced technologies, we are bridging the connectivity gap for emergency services, enabling them to operate seamlessly, regardless of their location.

Optimal cellular performance

Imagine carrying your own secure network with you – that’s what our Linx Hub Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot is all about. This rugged, portable unit was designed and developed alongside our emergency services customers and boasts operational features like dual SIM card slots for enhanced roaming, location tracking, and a user-friendly interface. It can easily be moved and repositioned to provide coverage where it’s needed most – allowing remote teams to communicate and coordinate more effectively in areas such as high-rise buildings, along the coast, and even in patients’ homes.

Excell is our cutting-edge 4G LTE optimisation antenna and takes cellular reception to the next level, even in the most challenging environments. Excell establishes a connection over vast distances, outperforming traditional methods – significantly enhancing network coverage and performance. Excell’s technology originated in the maritime world and during an offshore trial, as we set sail away from the shore and would expect to see signal strength naturally weaken, Excell allowed our team to maintain video streaming capabilities at an impressive 60km away and connectivity at an astonishing distance of 82km away. This gives you an idea of what it can do, and why it stands as one of our most sought-after products.

Live-streaming body-worn cameras: enhancing safety and security in the moment

We have been providing body-worn cameras for many years and ours have proven vital for ensuring safety, transparency, and situational awareness in various scenarios. What sets our cameras apart is that they offer real-time video streaming from the wearer to an unlimited number of authorised locations, providing an immediate, accurate view of any event as it unfolds.

What’s more, we have collaborated with several K-9 dog units to develop a K-9 body cam that harnesses the same advanced technology as our live-streaming body-worn cameras. The solution increases the handler’s capabilities facilitating remote tracking and observation which is especially valuable in buildings where the dogs might enter first, and where the handler would no longer have line of sight. The audio feature also allows the handler to give commands without the need to shout, running the risk of alerting suspects.

Drone technology: Taking situational awareness to new heights

 The need for seamless real-time streaming has become crucial for drone teams and our UAV Streamer addresses this critical need by transforming the way footage can be shared.

Operating the UAV Streamer is simple – it seamlessly integrates with any existing drone system via an HDMI connection. Once connected to the drone controller, it grants teams unprecedented access to live drone footage. Any number of remote collaborators can access feeds via an authorised smartphone or tablet, a command unit, CCTV van, or any other specialist vehicle, expanding the scope of real-time information sharing.

The ability to access and share live video from drones to multiple locations simultaneously enables responders who are both on and off-site to gain an accurate understanding of the unfolding situation, allowing them to collaborate effectively. Additionally, the UAV Streamer’ mobility ensures that responders can set-up quickly at different areas as needed, allowing for continuous monitoring of the situation, and enhancing overall situational awareness.

Driving resilience in the Connected Vehicle Zone

We take immense pride in sponsoring the Connected Vehicle Zone again this year, where we highlight the critical role of Incident Command Units (ICU) in emergency response. As I reflect on our remarkable 22-year journey, the evolution from seeing vehicles with radios and a few basic amenities to pioneering state-of-the-art mobile headquarters on wheels is a testament to the power of innovation. Through collaborative efforts, we have successfully delivered world-leading Incident Command Units for customers operating across a diverse range of environments.

All of us at Excelerate thank our energy customers, the Northamptonshire Joint Operations Team and Hampshire and Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue for joining us at the show and for their unwavering support in showcasing their ICU’s. Your participation made all the difference, we value your continued support, and look forward to future collaborations.

Both ICU’s and the trailer provide a reliable and secure communication platform between responders, incident commanders, and other agencies. The vehicles are equipped with an array of hybrid communications including satellite ensuring that emergency responders and remote teams always remain connected.

Beyond the emergency services

Due to the nature of what we provide, our solutions have now proven successful in other sectors including defence, transportation, energy, and maritime. This diversification is a testament to the versatility and scalability of our technology. As we continue to grow and expand, we are excited to explore new industries and unlock untapped potential. The possibilities are limitless, and we are committed to driving innovation and connectivity wherever our solutions are needed.


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