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Connect your world – Mar 2024

What sets us apart

For over 20 years, Excelerate has been at the forefront of providing resilient communications and advanced technologies to those who operate in complex and challenging environments.

Our mission is clear: to empower our customers with uninterrupted, effective communication and heightened situational awareness. This includes where terrestrial networks do not exist, are unreliable, congested, or compromised.

With an extensive reach that spans varied industries and geographies, we are renowned for delivering solutions that are fit for purpose, user-friendly, and address the unique demands of each region. This global presence serves as a testament to our unparalleled adaptability and dedication to creating a safer and more connected world.

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Our Solutions in action

The demand for innovative solutions is growing, as is the need for more data; this combination is the platform on which Excelerate supports and enables future collaboration between people, organisations and applications.

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