Join us at stand K40 and discover how ubiquitous connectivity is changing the way we work, manage, and respond. Whether you’re interested in the very latest emerging technologies or are exploring ways to enhance remote communications, you won’t want to miss this! The show is free to attend where our team will be on hand to offer practical advice, innovative thinking and great hospitality.

New product launch: Hybrid Edge

The Hybrid Edge appliance bonds 4G, 5G, satellite and any other available connections offering unrivalled connectivity speed, reliability, and performance. The solution incorporates a number of other benefits including data prioritisation, acceleration and secure encryption for added resilience, faster data transfer and robust video streams. A future proof design, Hybrid Edge is ready for 5G, LEO (low earth orbit satellite) and beyond. Be one of the first to see it at ESS2022.

Solutions for the Connected Responder

As it’s becoming ever more crucial that responders have the flexibility to deploy anywhere,  new advancements in mobile technology like the Excell, 4G LTE optimisation antenna and Linx Hub, portable Wi-Fi hotspot have been drastically improving network quality for emergency responders operating across a wide variety of deployments.

Take your network with you

Linx Hub is a portable secure Wi-Fi hotspot that has been designed and developed alongside emergency service teams. This small, rugged and deployable unit includes many operational features including two SIM card slots for enhanced roaming, location monitoring, long-battery-life and a simple to operate user interface to support any type of deployment. Discover more>

Superior coverage and network priority

Excell vastly improves both upload and download speeds by powering the signal towards the direction of the cellular mast – prioritising you on the network. Lightweight and compact, Excell can be used as a portable solution or on any vehicle or building.

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These solutions are aiding a growing number of services including Police Scotland, Lulworth Responders, Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service and more.

Live Streaming: Delivering Safety & Reassurance in the Moment

Live-streaming capability delivers an objective view of an event as it unfolds enabling real-time situational awareness and improved safety, through sharing footage with responding personnel. We will be showcasing a range of solutions including body-worn cameras, rapid deploy cameras and our award-winning UAV Streamer; all of which are currently benefiting emergency services across the globe. Discover more>

Connected Vehicle Zone (stand OS140)

In-vehicle connectivity has become ever more important to the emergency services and the Northamptonshire Joint Operations connected vehicles are set to be a major feature at this year’s show.

By putting connectivity at the forefront of their digital fleet strategy, Northamptonshire has used lessons learned from designing and developing their joint command vehicle to propel innovation in their fire appliances.

Connected vehicles have become the next frontier for Internet of Things (IoT) based solutions and visitors to the connected vehicle zone will get to experience first-hand how technology, advanced communication networks, innovation and collaboration are driving transformational change across police, fire, and ambulance services.

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