Today the UK is braced and dealing with a unique set of meteorological conditions transforming ‘the normal or usual weather patterns and conditions’ we live and work in. As a nation in 2018 we are of course so much better equipped in comparison to previous years to pre-plan- prepare and work out contingency processes and options to provide business as usual or in the very least minimum services.

Many of you may be reading this on your smartphone supported by LTE infrastructure from the public networks and ‘the Beast’ has the potential to impact your connectivity increasing risks of people being stranded and emergency response teams being isolated, UK Network providers have already experienced and had to battle with lengthy outages from frozen public infrastructure.

As the country faces a range of challenges and local issues a critical element of –Minimum service provision from emergency services and local authorities is communications infrastructure, stability, reliability and functionality.

Failed Communications Impact on services and could be as damming and potentially fatal as no heating in buildings or rock salt on any roads anywhere.

We have resources in your service or partner services in every region available.

All UK Excelerate Technology customers, respond with confidence knowing that wherever you are and whatever you need to do, our team is available and equipped to support you 24/7 with all of your communications and technology needs over this coming week and providing the only UK & Europe dedicated and resilient Emergency Services Satellite Network,.

You are supported by two technologically connected but geographically separate Teleports with heated Antennae’s and two birds in Orbit, so if you can’t use one, we will switch you over to the other. our customers also benefit from other alternative multi communications capability to ensure they are prepared and connected in all scenarios – if LTE isn’t available from one provider we can connect you to others in the area.

If you haven’t used Excelerate Technology before, please know, that wherever you are and whatever you need to do in order to keep people safe and the country running this week, we have customers in the emergency services in every region of our nation who will be working alongside you, so Yes – we can see you, hear you and make sure you can see and hear everyone you need to communicate with. this in part is why to our customers we really are the ‘Best in the West’ and part of the wider emergency response team.

‘Its cold and challenging out there – so let’s keep communicating’

Take care and stay safe everyone – Excelerate Technology

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