London, 23 December 2021 – Excelerate Technology Group, a global leader in the supply of ubiquitous and hybrid connectivity, and OneWeb, the low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite communications company, have signed a Distribution Partner Agreement (DPA) to provide satellite connectivity services to First Responders and other Government Agencies and Public Sector Organisations across the UK and globally.

As a leading provider of communications solutions to First Responders in the UK and around the world, Excelerate will offer new connectivity services utilising OneWeb’s LEO constellation to select customers starting in 2022.

David Savage, Group Executive Chairman of Excelerate Technology Group, said: “I am delighted that Excelerate is now OneWeb’s latest official ddistribution partner. Our two companies will work together bringing new initiatives to the market that embrace the benefits of LEO satellites alongside other partners and allow us to expand ubiquitous connectivity, applications and benefits to our key Government and First Responder customers.

“We look forward to working with OneWeb’s LEO-based solution to provide customers with a combination of cellular, satellite and wireless technology to overcome boundaries and limitations, enabling the flexibility required for any range of mobile or remote environments.”

Dylan Browne, Head of Government Services at OneWeb, said:

“Resilient communications for First Responders are vital when handling crisis situations because they ensure data is shared in a timely manner between the teams on the ground and at the hospital or police station, for example. That will enable decision makers to see a more comprehensive picture with real time information in hand and be able to act accordingly.

“For example, OneWeb will enable First Responders to fully exploit 5G networks typically used by medical teams to conduct telemedicine and reduce unnecessary hospital admissions – particularly in today’s pandemic.”

OneWeb’s LEO-based solution will also be integrated into the Primary, Alternative, Contingency and Emergency (PACE) communications plans of First Responders, enabling real-time connectivity, command and control.

Excelerate’s areas of interest include ‘Major Incident Ground Technology and ‘smart’ ambulance and fire platforms and appliances that ensure public safety and patient health applications can be accessed and shared securely and remotely anywhere in the World and at any time.

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