Excelerate Technology Group has announced the launch of its new Enhanced Resilience Satellite Network (ERSN) service, a development which will provide all of its customers with access to two independent satellite networks instead of one, thereby guaranteeing automatic backup for mobile satellite broadband services used by emergency services.

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The ERSN will ensure that Excelerate’s emergency services customers have the reassurance of uninterrupted access to satellite service during periods when communications services may be under threat or suffering from disruption. All Excelerate Technology Group customers will be automatically upgraded to the ERSN service, which is available only to Excelerate clients. With ERSN Excelerate’s UK emergency services customers are protecting their investment and ability to deliver, whilst also enjoying better user experiences.

David Savage, Excelerate Technology Group CEO, said: ‘We provide the only enhanced resilience satellite network in the UK, and possibly Europe, which operates over two different satellites each covering the same geospatial area in the UK and beyond (with automatic failover and two UK interconnecting teleports) and an additional one based outside of the UK. In this instance, both satellites are KU frequency (although we do offer KA Services too); the spectrum has been deliberately chosen for maximum resilience and enhanced performance in adverse weather conditions or extreme environments. Our resilient solution is managed in real time, via our own virtual network operations centre, ensuring that there cannot be one single point of failure in the connection to broadband, even if a UK pandemic or national disaster occurs.

‘On our Enhanced Resilience Satellite Network our customers are spread over two satellites. If one fails, our customers on the failed satellite are switched almost instantly to the second satellite. No other provider can currently do this. Each of our two satellites operates via two separate UK teleports in different geographical locations, linked via a fully redundant fibre optic ring. If one teleport fails, the other seamlessly takes over the capability. In addition, a third non-UK teleport is on permanent standby should it be required.

‘Real time bandwidth provisioning and failover is managed 24/7 by Excelerate, not a third party. Service Level Agreement’s and budgets are matched to customer requirements and delivered dynamically, meaning our customers’ applications are always operational.

‘Excelerate is offering its Enhanced Resilience Satellite Network as a groundbreaking, optimum resilience, fully managed service, setting the standards

for all others within the field of UK blue light services. This kind of systems reliability and resilience is essential for ensuring public safety, and Excelerate is the only company delivering it.  Not all mobile satellite broadband services are the same. Some, while appearing cheaper, are actually open to public access and are not capable of offering the same level of robustness under pressure which the Enhanced Resilience Satellite Network can provide – automatically and at all times.


‘Excelerate operates its satellite services under an OFCOM Licence. We buy unshared satellite capacity and allocate it to our customers as determined by their needs. From our Cardiff Network Operations Centre the health of the network and the capacity being delivered to our customers is constantly monitored and managed, to ensure performance obligations are met. Our satellite capacity isn’t shared with third parties and cannot be commandeered by other operators or users under any circumstances.

‘We also monitor major national incidents and events and can, where appropriate or contractually obliged, increase our customer’s bandwidth in real time to cope with unplanned demand.’

Key features of the service include:

– Focus on the emergency services, government and emergency response to ensure low contention, dedicated or agreed contention

– Ability to increase bandwidth within seconds.

– Temporary increase of bandwidth upon request to support incidents

– Provision of additional satellite services without extra licenses.

-Unlimited use within a fixed budget- no unexpected bills

The Enhanced Resilience Satellite Network (along with the full range of Excelerate Technology Group data, voice and video solutions) and KA Services will be demonstrated on the Excelerate Technology Group stand (No 102) at the 2012 Emergency Services Show being held from Wednesday 21 – Thursday 22 November at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire.