UK-leading technology partner, Excelerate Technology, has delivered a bespoke video streaming solution to combat the multifaceted and complex challenges faced by Lancashire Fire and Rescue.

The solution, Excelerate’s UAV Streamer, provides a bonded cellular connection across any provider, to supply uninterrupted HD video streaming capabilities, and can be viewed by multiple personnel – whether they are on the incident ground or back at headquarters.

Lancashire Fire and Rescue required a solution to tackle connectivity issues in remote areas, and Excelerate responded by incorporating four SIMs into the UAV streamer, rather than just the one. This delivered seamless switching capabilities between networks, providing reliable upload capacity and HD streaming that could be accessed through an encrypted channel, meaning only a single operator is needed on the incident ground.  It also increased the data capacity to ensure always on, HD video.

The UAV streamer provides a host of benefits to Lancashire Fire and Rescue including improved speed, reduced cost of deployment and the ability to make immediate, real-time decisions remotely.

The UAV streamers were delivered to Lancashire Fire and Rescue in June and have enabled superior situational awareness across drone teams and key decision-makers.

David Savage, CEO at Excelerate Technology, said: “We are delighted to be able to answer some very specific needs for Lancashire Fire & Rescue, and deliver a bespoke solution to them. This has bolstered drone operations in both reliable connectivity and efficiency.

“The speed of access to critical information is imperative for enabling key personnel access to make real time decisions, especially when the outcome of operations can determine the safety of personnel and the public.

Irrespective of geographical location, the UAV streamer enhances situational awareness across all relevant teams remotely. Opening up a dialogue with Lancashire Fire and Rescue about their specific needs has allowed us to adapt our original streamer and is another example of how we work closely to meet the diverse requirements of first responders, rather than purely supplying off the shelf products.”

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