Excelerate Technology, a leading global hybrid connectivity provider and expert systems integrator to governments, civil defence agencies, and emergency services has joined forces with Digital Global Systems (DGS), a next-gen software platform for wireless deployments that characterises the Radio Frequency environment across multiple dimensions, as its preferred distribution partner for the DGS CLEARSKY™ Drone Threat Management (DTM) system.

The partnership enables DGS to provide its vehicle-mounted and fixed location DGS CLEARSKY™ technology to customers to assist in detecting drones quickly, anywhere from 70 MHz to 6 GHz, without relying on a drone signature library.

Fernando Murias, Chairman and CEO of DGS, said: “We are thrilled to join forces with Excelerate. They are a credible and respected sales partner who will help to bring our leading-edge drone threat management solution to the market.”

DGS CLEARSKY™ provides anomalous signal detection and multiple geolocation techniques for any signal of interest in the 70 MHz to 6 GHz range. Anomalous signals include:

  • Unintentional interference
  • Intentional signal interruption (jamming)
  • Communications devices encroaching on a protected area
  • UAVs (aka “drones”)

CLEARSKY™ combines machine learning and a real-time analysis of signal characteristics to rapidly detect drones and other anomalous activity without the reliance on a library of known drone signals. Additionally, CLEARSKY™ is frequency agnostic, meaning transmissions can be detected and classified outside of frequency bands where drones typically operate. This ensures that drones that have been modified to operate outside the regulated frequencies can be detected.

Excelerate’s solutions provide reliable communication and enhanced situational awareness even where no terrestrial networks are available, are congested, or have been severely compromised. With an extensive reach that spans varied industries and geographies, Excelerate is renowned for delivering solutions that are fit for purpose, user-friendly, and address the unique demands of each region. This global presence serves as a testament to the company’s unparalleled adaptability and dedication to creating a safer and more connected world.

DGS’s Drone Threat Management (DTM) system complements Excelerate’s offering by detecting, classifying, and locating drones anywhere in the swept spectrum (70 MHz to 6 GHz). Further features include its ability to classify UAVs in fewer than two seconds, integrating with third-party systems, such as cameras and radar; and the use of patented geolocation techniques to provide better accuracy and detect new and unknown drones without reliance on a signature library.

Additionally, DGS technology offers spectrum optimisation for enhanced communications by delivering RF environmental data to 5G infrastructure. This allows for ultra-reliable and low-latency applications, while paving the way for true dynamic spectrum sharing.

David Savage, founder, and CEO of Excelerate said: “This partnership with DGS is an exciting one with combined experience spanning many years in delivering ubiquitous connectivity and secure solutions between the two companies. The partnership will form part of our global partner programme and will enable us as a company to scale up our drone offering. This is particularly significant for our collaboration with customers in policing and counter-terror, critical infrastructure, and secure facilities, enhancing their capability to identify and respond effectively to unauthorised or potentially harmful drone activities.”

The partnership is complete, and the two companies will demonstrate their combined expertise on stand J130 at the Emergency Services Show in Birmingham, UK from 19th – 20th September 2023.

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