The event is free-to-attend where Excelerate will be showcasing a range of flexible, easy-to-use solutions for emergency response, policing & counter-terror, major event security and border control.

Visitors will get to experience first-hand very latest mobile command solutions and capabilities that are currently supporting police, fire, ambulance and other responding agencies across a diverse range of applications around the globe.

Venue: Olympia London     Stand: P46     Date: 28th – 29th Nov 2018

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Excelerate will be showcasing the following solutions

New Ford Ranger Connected Vehicle

Excelerate will be showcasing the very latest connected vehicle solution with on-the-move communications capability. This new vehicle provides superior zero gap connectivity – keeping responders connected whenever and wherever required.

Portable Communications

Designed with ease of use in mind, Excelerate’s Portable Hub enables real-time data, video & voice applications – with enhanced roaming capability.  This smart 4G Hub can plug in to any fleet vehicle or be deployed elsewhere within the incident ground for enhanced & extended communications.

Connex Hub, a vehicle-based compact box, has the addition of a built in CPU for Excelerate’s Digital Dashboard Management Interface (DDMI).  DDMI, combines all systems and applications in to one easy-to-use interface.  This solution is fully scalable and customisable to user-needs and supports 3rdparty integration.

Camera Solutions for enhanced situational awareness

Whether temporary coverage at a hotspot or extended coverage across an operational environment is required, our camera solutions offer enhanced support and complete versatility. These include body-worn, rapid deploy, long-range and more.

Proculux– can be used in harsh and challenging environments allowing users to capture footage at ultra-long distances regardless of environmental conditions including fog, mist and low light conditions.

Body-Worn-provides resilient, real time video streams in excess of 1KM from in-field operatives and has been designed to work in challenging non-line of sight conditions including inside buildings, tunnels and underground.

Rapid Deploy– can be mounted to high reach aerial appliances or a tripod to enable an enhanced view of an area within the incident ground.

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