The vans will be used across all areas of operation, from large-scale events to managing local issues.

South Wales Police has taken delivery of the first of its five planned new mobile CCTV vans. The units utilise Excelerate’s Exstream video streaming connectivity technology to facilitate the secure sharing of multiple CCTV streams for enhanced situational awareness through the well-established Milestone video stream sharing platform.

This capability allows for any authorised device within the force to access real-time video footage of incidents, with Excelerate’s ubiquitous connectivity network ensuring a consistent signal in areas where this is commonly lacking.

cctv-van live streaming

The first unit will commence full operation from mid-July, and aims to enhance the force’s existing capabilities in combatting incidents ranging from planned events through to rural and local surveillance. Specialist units such as South Wales Police’s drone team can use the unit as a remote base during events, due to resilient connectivity and accessible power sources.

Callum Farrell, Excelerate sales manager, commented: “We have enjoyed working closely with South Wales Police in recent months and the deployment of the force’s new mobile units is testament to that. Remote monitoring is increasingly becoming a key aspect of policing and within the wider emergency services sector, therefore technology needs to keep up with evolving demands and requirement. We’re proud to have supported South Wales Police in the implementation of the new CCTV vans and look forward to seeing what benefits they will deliver for South Wales police and the public going forward.

Assistant Chief Constable Jenny Gilmer said: “The new mobile CCTV units underline our commitment as a police service to keep the communities of South Wales safe. That is why ensuring we can continue to have confidence in the technology available to help us achieve that aim is so very important. This investment means that we are now able to better connect multiple teams and colleagues from areas across the force, through one hub. This will not only aid our operations through the availability of quality, livestreamed footage, it also promises to improve the quality of the evidential material available to us when required.

Further information about Excelerate Technology’s mobile CCTV capabilities can be accessed here.