Over the past two decades, we have worked in tandem with our customers and other key stakeholders to ensure ubiquitous connectivity meets, and overcomes, operational challenges. Whether that is keeping first responders connected at an incident or implementing a resilient communication network at major sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup in Qatar later this year, resilient and robust connectivity underpins almost every aspect of our customers’ daily lives.

The strong collaborative partnerships we have formed during these projects and others besides, have improved efficiencies, and in many cases safety, for first responders, businesses and the general public. In recent years, we have started to forge newer partnerships such as ROCK Networks, a leading provider of wireless, broadband, and satellite solutions based in Canada, deploying our standalone products such as Excel, Linx Hub, Exstream UAV live streamer, and body-worn cameras, thus taking these to new markets while at the same time enabling ROCK to strengthen its own position.

Partnering with ROCK Networks broadens the reach of our core business geographically, but a broader range of partners will take us into other markets such as agriculture, energy, transport, and construction, all of which have a clear need for resilient connectivity, often in geographical areas where this is limited. Though separated by thousands of miles, the partnership illustrates that ubiquitous connectivity is essential for numerous global markets, and not just the emergency services.

Supplying devices that have a proven track record – Excell, Linx Hub, Exstream UAV live streamers, and our body worn cameras in the case of our ROCK partnership – is typical of how we nurture reseller partnerships. This enables us as a company to scale up our reach and to work with likeminded organisations that are at the forefront in providing crucial communications to those who need it most and need it instantly – regardless of location.

The ROCK Networks partnership followed the signing of a Distribution Partner Agreement with satellite communications company, OneWeb, in December 2021 to provide satellite connectivity services to First Responders and other Government Agencies and Public Sector Organisations across the UK and globally.

In the words of our executive chairman, David Savage, partnering with OneWeb will result in “bringing new initiatives to the market that embrace the benefits of LEO (low-Earth orbit) satellites alongside other partners and allow us to expand ubiquitous connectivity, applications and benefits to our key Government and First Responder customers.”

Collaboration seen on the international stage is mirrored right here on our home turf. Our Partner Manager, Dane Campbell, arrived at Excelerate at the end of 2021, and has been at the heart of forming, managing, and nurturing our partnerships, notably working with ambulance coachbuilders to provide education about our technology and the opportunities it can lead to.

At the time of his appointment, Dane said: “I’m relishing this challenge of delivering a more integrated approach that benefits our customers and partners alike. Much of the innovation we implement comes about as a direct request for help to solve a problem and once we have done that, we are able to roll that solution out across many markets.”

Now, more than six months into his role, Dane’s experience and skills will, unquestionably, be influential as the scope of our partnership offering continues to expand into new territories, opportunities, and capabilities, while at the same time, maintaining relationships already in place.

As an example, leading the Coastal Connectivity workstream for the £8million 5G Rural Dorset initiative to bring improved mobile coverage to coastal communities hampered by poor signal has enabled us to collaborate with such partners as the RNLI in making these areas safer. Some 12million people visit Dorset each year – first responders are now better equipped to provide critical support for tourist and resident alike, even in areas where connectivity has been known to be compromised and therefore, affects communication between response teams.

More recently, we joined with Barcelona-based Unblur in an instrumental collaboration which saw input into Mid & West Wales Fire & Rescue Service’s (MAWWFRS) Transformation2020 Digitisation “T20” programme. T20 was designed to overcome key challenges for emergency services such as gaining real-time situational awareness, the ability to track and know the location of personnel in any given environment, and to easily share that critical data through a robust and resilient network infrastructure.

Partnerships, as these examples reveal, come in various forms. Between the years 2016 and 2019, we have witnessed a growing trend in fleet and wearable solutions partnerships, especially within the fire and police sectors. Compared to this time four or five years ago, the scale and potential of partnering with like-minded people, which have complementary rather than competing solutions, bridging knowledge gaps and implementing solutions which otherwise may not have been possible, has increased exponentially. This is partially due to general demand but is also a result of Excelerate’s major investment in its own product range, which gives us and our partners a significant edge in the market.

Flexibility and agility are paramount across all our relationships, in order to enhance success and minimise risk. Our partners and re-sellers all become confident in using and demonstrating our technology, whilst being assured that ETL will be on hand to support if needed. Furthermore, flexibility enables cost adjustments to be made swiftly and efficiently should the need arise.

In industries such as the first responder market, the correct use of technology facilitates critical decision-making. And this is not the only example – the logistics, agriculture, and food & drink sectors all rely on connectivity for efficiency. This is the case all through the supply chain and as such, the importance of trust and confidence cannot be overstated. Parallels can be found across a plethora of industries, and through our partnership model, we have successfully implemented our core knowledge into these, often niche, markets.

Our partnership network, as we have seen throughout the years, has opened new doors for both sides, complementing skillsets and facilitating the sharing of contacts. Taking the likes of Unblur and ROCK Networks as two examples, robust collaborations have the potential to revolutionise the world of the future.

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