Drones have revolutionised the way we capture images and videos from the air, but they come with limitations such as  battery life. Fotokite overcomes that limitation with its tethered system that provides prolonged flight times with a stable, secure connection to the ground.

Fotokite delivers an unobstructed aerial view within seconds and is currently benefiting a number of our emergency services customers across a wide range of deployments including incident management, search and rescue, surveillance, public safety, security, and more.

Take a closer look at how it works in this short video with Chief Technical Officer, Simon Hill.

Key features and benefits

Easy to use

Despite its advanced technology, Fotokite is easy to use. The system can be operated at the push of a button. A ruggedised tablet runs the Fotokite Live App and displays the thermal and low light video streams, giving teams on the ground actionable information throughout their deployment.

Longer flight times

One of the key benefits of the Fotokite is its flight time. The drone is tethered to a power source within the ground station, so it can fly for as long as needed. This makes Fotokite ideal for capturing footage over an extended period of time.

Shared situational awareness on and off site

Fotokite can be integrated with Excelerate’s UAV Streamer to enable live video to be shared beyond the incident to a wider audience. By having more people observing, off-site collaborators can promptly assess any situation and make informed decisions regarding resource allocation and response strategies.

Use Cases

Incident management and response

Fotokite is quick and easy to deploy making it a popular choice among our emergency responder customers who need a solution that can be set up rapidly. Once deployed, Fotokite delivers a full aerial view of the situation on the ground which can help responders quickly assess the situation and identify potential risks. Excelerate’s UAV Streamer allows those at the scene to share real-time footage back to a command unit or any authorised device at any location for enhanced situational awareness. The specialist camera can capture footage in low light conditions as well as provide thermal imaging for enhanced visibility. This can help responders navigate through challenging environments and identify heat concentration such as hotspots or a missing person which may have otherwise been undetectable with the naked eye.

Event security and crowd control

Many of our customers within the police are utilising Fotokite for enhanced security at major events including music festivals and the international sport events. Fotokite provides an aerial perspective of the entire stadium and its surrounding areas, which can help officers monitor crowd behaviour, identify potential hotspots or threats, and take necessary action in real-time. It’s portability and quick deployment has also benefited officers while attending protests by allowing them to respond more effectively whilst ensuring the safety and security of all involved.

Surveillance and traffic monitoring

Fotokite’s long flight time allows for extended monitoring of the target area, providing a continuous aerial perspective for an protracted period without the need for frequent battery changes or recharging. This enables surveillance operations to be conducted over a longer period, improving the chances of detecting any potential threats or anomalies. Fotokite’s advanced technologies are also aiding police forces to respond to traffic incidents, reroute traffic, and make informed decisions about traffic management.

If you are looking for a unique drone solution for major events and incidents then please contact us for a trial of Fotokite.

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