This month, we had the pleasure of Exhibiting at the Emergency Services Show 2019 for the 13th consecutive year. As well as our range of products and solutions, our presence also extended to the Excelerate IT theatre. Across the two day event, it hosted a range of interesting talks, including presentations from our Founder and CEO, David Savage plus out Technical Director, Simon Hill.  If you didn’t get the chance to attend, here are a few highlights on what took place.

New Product Highlights


Linx Hub

The Linx Hub is part of Excelerate Technology’s range of dynamic portable solutions. The rugged unit provides a portable hotspot that can easily be set up in any location, environment or terrain. With numerous features to enable more flexible operations and improve the user’s connectivity, the Linx Hub can be utilised in a wide range of situations. Designed with mobility in mind, the unit has several benefits compared to traditional or domestic hotspots.

UAV Streamer

When using drone technology, real-time footage isn’t always accessible beyond the pilot. Excelerate’s UAV Streamer resolves this problem by making live video streams more accessible. By simply plugging the solution in to your existing UAV system, live footage is streamed over public or private networks securely via Excelerate’s ExStream Video Application. Footage can then be accessed securely anywhere via any authorised device with an internet connection.

ExStream Bodyworn Camera

Excelerate’s new bodyworn camera solution delivers enhanced situational awareness, increasing operational capabilities. With the ability to stream real-time footage over private and public networks to any authorised person, users and teams can achieve greater visibility in the field. The solution also features Push to talk (PTT), a ‘man down’ alert button and is dual SIM for added resilience.

Technology Seminars


Excelerate proudly sponsored the Technology Seminar Theatre again this year where Group Chairman David Savage took to the stage and gave in-depth and very well-received seminars on what Excelerate Technology do for our customers and a look into our story.

David discussed the evolution of technology, before going on to give a glimpse into the future and potential of resilient applications for major event security, counter-terrorism, disaster response and more.


Technical Director Simon Hill, speaking in the Emerging Technologies Theatre. He focused on the advantages of leveraging both satellite and cellular networks to overcome communication challenges, ensuring that responders have an ‘always connected’ experience.

As always, we enjoyed the opportunity to meet with existing and new customers and learn about ways that Excelerate can support emergency responders with day-to-day operations as well as provide resilience at major incidents.

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