Chief Technical Officer Simon Hill details the key features of Excelerate’s UAV Streamer.

Excelerate’s UAV Streamer brings live streaming and drone technology together into one fantastic combination. The solution enables the aerial footage captured by the drone to be shared in real-time to any authorised personnel with internet access.

Having the ability to live-stream footage from a UAV gives those who are remote from the incident an informed appreciation first-hand of ongoing situations. The UAV Streamer also allows for a wider audience with authorised partners to access a birds-eye view of the conditions on the ground.

Simon Hill - Chief Technical Officer Excelerate Technology

How it works

All the operator has to do is power on the device, then plug the UAV Streamer into the drone controller using a HDMI cable. Live footage can then be streamed over public or private networks via ‘Exstream’, the secure and encrypted video management service. Operators can preview the footage via the touch-screen interface as well as see their connection status.

Solutions that are simple and user-friendly enable responders to use them without hassle or obstacle. During the design process, we kept buttons and other controls to a minimum not to overcomplicate things. The outer casing is also rugged enough to withstand high-risk environments, without being clunky or cumbersome to use.

Stream quality 

Control the quality of footage shared and the amount of data used

Users can select their choice of resolution and frame rate via the touchscreen interface all the way up to HD at 1080 25 frames per second (fps). This is particularly useful if the operator is in an area with poor network coverage and still needs to transmit real-time footage.

Enhanced cellular roaming

Excelerate can also provide unsteered roaming SIMs which are a huge benefit to drone pilots who operate across multiple locations. Excelerate’s unsteered roaming SIM has no priority network and will seamlessly switch to the best available connection. This ensures significantly increased coverage, performance, reliability and added resilience. Unlimited data plans are also available for heavy data users.

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Accessing UAV footage securely

Users can access real-time drone footage securely via the Exstream Video Management Service on their mobile or desktop via secure login credentials.

One of the great benefits of Exstream is that is can bring multiple feeds together. For example, if you have a team of drone operators, you could view multiple drone feeds together in real-time.  Exstream is not limited to just drone feeds either, we can bring feeds from any type of camera including body-worn or rapid deploy.

Multiple authorised users can log in at the same time and access the low latency, high quality footage being shared via the UAV Streamer.

Due to the mission critical information being shared via the UAV Streamer, cyber security has always been a vital element of what we do. Our Exstream Video Management Service is hosted at our data centres which are ISO 27001 and national critical infrastructure approved (UK only). Any footage or information streamed through Exstream is fully encrypted to provide the highest level of protection for our customers. 

Optional enhancements

Excelerate’s UAV Streamer can also include a quad SIM bonded router integrated into the solution. This specialist router combines the speed, coverage and performance of up to four SIM cards for increased network stability and a more resilient connection. This ensures that even in areas of poor coverage, end users can achieve high quality video transmission.

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Excelerate’s UAV Streamer is currently in use across a diverse range of applications including search and rescue, command and control, aerial operations, surveillance and more.

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