Technology that makes a significant contribution to the UK Government’s ‘levelling up’ agenda will be one of the main benefits following the announcement of a closer working relationship between two innovative UK tech companies.

Cardiff-based connectivity specialist & systems integrator Excelerate Technology has today announced the acquisition of a significant minority stake in Surrey-based Livewire Digital, putting the two companies into a much stronger position to deliver more ‘Hybrid Connectivity as a Service’ solutions which enables industries and people do anything related to the internet, regardless of where they live or their economic or social circumstances.

The deal includes a seat on the Livewire Digital Board. Excelerate’s Founder & CEO David Savage says:

“This is an important strategic partnership which will open new doors for both companies as we continue to develop ever more powerful and resilient connectivity solutions. The demand for bandwidth and unbreakable internet anywhere, under any circumstances, has increased dramatically, as has the need to access it anywhere, which is a key requirement if the Government is to achieve its ambitious levelling up agenda.

“The world is seeing significant investment in terrestrial and space based connectivity – for example Low Earth Orbit and Medium Earth Orbit satellites – in a quest to provide the levels of ubiquitous connectivity and data transfer required to connect people, organisations, and applications across urban to rural landscapes, in the air, at sea Pole to Pole, which will drive up demand for our multi-bearer expertise and the connectivity systems which harness this power and make it easier for users to implement applications that enable them to work anywhere. Using Livewire’s Razorlink technology means we can deliver an unparalleled user experience and a secure network-of-networks eco-system.”

This world class and transformational capability will bring significant benefits to Excelerate’s existing customers and diverse product portfolio, in addition to supporting the company’s ambitious global vision and growth potential.

The two partners were already working together on Hybrid Connex, a 5.7m euro research & development and solutions delivery programme funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) which will see the Excelerate-led consortium create the digital ambulance of the future.

Tristan Wood, CEO and founder of Livewire Digital said:

“The investment by Excelerate is a strategic partnership and collaboration. Their commercial experience, market position and access has significant appeal to Livewire, potentially opening up some important markets that will benefit quickly from Hybrid Connex which uses our software. Furthermore, we see the combined Excelerate / Livewire Hybrid Connex ‘Hybrid Connectivity as a Service’ solution having a significant use across all sectors, not just ambulance, and it will be embedded in Excelerate’s own fleet, portable and wearable connectivity solutions. It is a pleasure to have access to Excelerate’s team more formally and the assistance of their management on our board to help us grow both businesses.”

Excelerate is at the forefront of delivering hybrid connectivity networks and systems within the mobile market across government, emergency services and maritime. This new investment and technology collaboration between the two tech forces will drive forward ‘Hybrid Connectivity as a Service.’ Already embedded within diverse products and applications it will pave the way for innovation, modern technology adoption and enhanced user experiences.

The technology is a cross platform software and hardware solution designed for use over Wide Area Networks (WANs) including Cellular, Wi-Fi and Satellite. Operating transparently in the background of any application the embedded Livewire Digital Razorlink software and the Excelerate Edge computing module works by bonding or prioritising multiple links, enabling improved network and application performance, resilience, redundancy, connectivity, and security.

Says David Savage:

“We are keen to support the Government’s levelling up agenda by helping overcome technical barriers so that any industry sector or human can do anything, anywhere whether they are at home, in an office, on a plane, on a boat or on the road. There will be a significant upsurge in economic, ecological, and public health and safety benefits over many years to come and I am passionate and driven for Excelerate to play its part in this process.”


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