Excelerate UAV Streamer – making real-time footage more accessible.

During a crisis, a view from above is key for emergency response across a wide range of operational scenarios.  UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) capture high quality aerial imagery quickly, enabling the operator to see the full extent of an incident so that they can identify hazards from a safe distance.  However, during a complex and evolving incident, real-time footage isn’t always accessible beyond the pilot.


Portable and compact, Excelerate’s UAV Streamer resolves this problem by making real-time footage more accessible.  By simply plugging it in to your existing UAV system, the solution streams live footage over public or private networks securely via Excelerate’s ExSteam Video Application.  Footage can then be accessed securely at other viewing stations in the field, on smartphones, tablets, on-board a command & control unit or back at headquarters.

Our UAV streamer solution makes real-time footage accessible beyond the pilot to other responders whether they are in the field or back-office location.  The solution is simple to use and can be integrated in to any UAV system with a HDMI port. You just plug it in and away you go.  Feedback so far has been great and I’m very excited to launch this innovative product which can add value to your UAV investment by improving operational outcomes

Nicola Savage – Managing Director, Excelerate Group.


Excelerate’s UAV streamer solution improved situational awareness between cooperating
responders in the field or back at headquarters


ExStream brings multiple feeds together from UAVs (or other cameras) into one easy to use application. The server is capable of simultaneously displaying, recording, reviewing and exporting images, meaning that recording will not stop if the content needs to be reviewed at an incident.

If you would benefit from the ability to extend UAV footage, simplify how you access and share feeds or view multiple feeds at one time, contact us for more information.

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