Unlike traditional methods, Sherpa is a true rapid deployment ANPR camera solution. It does not require any specialist tools or engineers to install – it simply clamps onto a lamp-post or pole and automatically climbs into position, enabling your surveillance requirements to be in place quickly, anytime, anywhere.

Sherpa is currently aiding police forces in the UK with real-time traffic monitoring and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) due to its cost effective, rapid and flexible re-deployment capabilities.

Police forces benefiting from Sherpa’s rapid deploy capability currently include; Northern Ireland Police, Gwent & South Wales Police, Hampshire Police and more.

Benefits of Sherpa

  • No specialist equipment required for installation
  • Quick and easy deployment in minutes
  • Remote real time monitoring
  • Easily portable for continuous deployment

Nicola Savage, Sales & Marketing Director at Excelerate, explains the system’s benefits:

Traditional surveillance camera equipment needs specialist installation which can be complicated and is often costly. Sherpa, on the other hand, offers the convenience of a rapidly transportable and easy to set up and operate system that is designed to be used by ordinary officers, not technical personnel

See how Sherpa works

Due to its versatility as a pole-climbing camera delivery system, Sherpa is currently in use for a wide range of purposes including; social disorder, event monitoring, prison security, public transport, border control, airport security and more.

On game day (NATO Summit) the Sherpas and body worn cameras gave the command team views they could not get in any other way.

 Nigel Russell, Chief Superintendent, Gwent Police (2014).

As well as ANPR, Sherpa supports many other camera options including; 360 Vision, High Definition, Night Vision, Dual Thermal, Long Range and more. Sherpa may also be used to mount aerials for TETRA or GSM, Wi-Fi access points and 3/4G routers to extend communication networks.

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