Take your network with you using Excelerate’s Linx Hub, the portable Wi-Fi hotspot

Today, the ability to connect and share critical data should be a given. Whether in transit or on foot, it is essential for emergency services personnel to be able to communicate and access the latest information to carry out their roles more efficiently. Linx Hub, the portable Wi-Fi hotspot allows the user to take their network with them. In essence, it is a flexible ‘connectivity anywhere’ solution that can be deployed wherever needed.

Where it all began

Linx Hub was originally developed in collaboration with Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service as part of the T20 Digitisation Programme to reliably track firefighters beyond the vehicle within buildings or when deployed at a whole host of incidents. Due to its success, the Linx Hub is now being utilised by other emergency services and first responder customers globally.

Fire & Rescue

Many Fire & Rescue Services use Linx Hub to provide in-vehicle connectivity to pumping, aerial and specialist appliances, officers’ cars, SRT water response vehicles, turntable ladders and additional support vehicles. In addition, the solution provides firefighters with enhanced and extended communications capability within the incident ground. From high rise buildings and forest fires through to water rescue operations, Linx Hub addresses the need to take the network infrastructure ‘beyond the vehicle’, ensuring critical information, including video streams, can be shared for enhanced situational awareness and improved decision making.


Having access and the ability to share the most up-to-date information from on-board an ambulance can significantly reduce the strain on health professionals. Not only is the Linx Hub enabling in-vehicle connectivity, but it also provides the flexibility needed for paramedics and health professionals to take their network in to the patient’s home for better on-scene treatment and improved patient experience. The solution is inherently secure and is ideal for accessing patient medical records, transmitting sensitive data, speeding up treatment and avoiding unnecessary trips to A&E – a huge benefit to pre-hospital emergency care.

Policing and Security

With the ever-growing number of devices being used in the field it’s more crucial than ever that operational police teams have the flexibility to deploy and connect anywhere, whether at an incident or temporary location such as a pre-planned event. Linx Hub is lightweight, portable and can be setup in an instant with one button deployment. Officers can also prioritise connectivity and share it with other agencies in attendance via the touchscreen interface.

What sets Linx Hub apart?

Designed with ease of use and mobility in mind, Linx Hub comes with many advantages over traditional or domestic Wi-Fi hotspots.

Key features and capabilities

  • One button deployment – supporting ease of use
  • Dual SIM – for enhanced cellular roaming
  • Wi-Fi – connect authenticated devices to corporate radius server
  • Built in GPS – for improved location tracking and monitoring
  • Touch screen interface – displaying network control, cellular settings and lighting
  • Lighting – range of lighting pre-sets for alerts and enhanced visibility
  • Durable outer casing – for high pressured environments
  • Long life battery – approximately 8 hours
  • LAN and WAN ethernet ports – for fast and flexible data transfer
  • Flexible charging options – including 12VDX and 240VAC

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