As the ambulance service evolves we continue our commitment to our customers by heavily investing in new ways we can support paramedics in the field through the use of resilient, data, video and voice solutions.

RapidNET LTE, our new Private LTE solution can provide secure, reliable, broadband access to laptops, smartphones and other mobile devices within an incident ground by enabling an independent private LTE communications bubble, enabling the fast transfer of data, video and voice across an incident ground.

Developed by our R&D Team, our new Vehicle Mounted Satellite Communications Solution Reflex has been designed with rapid response in mind.

Many new advancements have also been made to our Digital Dashboard Management Interface (DDMI) including Physiological Monitoring to help support paramedics treat patients at the scene.

We are truly proud of the difference our solutions are making in the world and continue to push the boundaries of our technology for the benefit of our extraordinary customers.”

Nicola Savage
Sales & Marketing Director, Excelerate Group

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