Sherpa is a pole climbing camera and communications system that delivers rapid deployment for a number of communications and data relay options, including TETRA, GSM, CCTV, Wi-Fi and 3G.

It has been used for some years by police and local authorities to cover blind spots in CCTV coverage and temporary event monitoring and can be deployed quickly with minimal training or technical expertise to provide real-time information transfer.

However, more recently Sherpa has been put to use by the police as an ANPR capability exactly because it offers such cost effective, rapid and flexible deployment. It can be transported in the boot of a car and attached to a lamppost as needed, using a motorised remote control delivery system to take the communications or video platform to the required height, after which the delivery system descends and can be used again. Sherpa can be accessed via 3G and data and be transmitted to a Peli-case PC or sent directly to a control room or vehicle.

Our customers drive product development, and with the current climate and the need for flexibility with solutions, the ability to deploy a number of different communications or one type of system at the touch of a button is becoming more of a necessity. Traditional rapid deployment cameras still need specialist installations and this can be quite costly. Sherpa, on the other hand, offers the convenience of a rapidly transportable and easy to set up and operate system that is designed to use by ordinary officers, not technical personnel.”

Nicola Savage, Excelerate Sales and Marketing Director