South Wales are the most recent Fire & Rescue Service to take advantage of Excelerate’s market leading critical communications technology which has been installed on-board their new Incident Command Unit.

The new ICU will be deployed at major incidents across the South Wales region enabling the sharing of critical information – data, video and voice – to support incident management and will serve to strengthen the resilience and operational response of the service.

South Wales Fire & Rescue Service have recently received a delivery of the replacement ‘Incident Command Unit’. The new technologically advanced vehicle is equipped with state of the art satellite communication systems that ensures crews and multi agencies have access to vital information quickly and coherently, to aid in their the decision making process in the attendance of incidents.

The appliance has been built in Ayrshire by Emergency One. Satellite communication systems have been supplied and installed by the industry leader ‘Excelerate’ of Cardiff, providing a 21st-century solution for the enhanced multifunctional vehicle. Both companies recognise that this has been a complex build and with the support of South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, Excelerate can be assured that the completed vehicle is fit for purpose and meets all present and future requirements of our organisation. The vehicle provides improved resilience and better collaborative command and control at larger incidents that will ultimately improve Fire Fighter safety.

Andrew Clifford, WM Operational Appliances and Equipment, South Wales Fire & Rescue Service

The on-board technology includes

Excelerate continues to be the technology supplier of choice to the emergency services, providing resilient solutions to a wide range of responders including the Hazardous Area Response Teams (HART) with their next generation of Incident Ground Technology and Northamptonshire Police & Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service for their Joint Command Unit.

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