South Wales Police (SWP) has chosen Excelerate Technology’s UAV Streamer to enhance its UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) operations.

The technology allows the drone pilot to securely stream real-time footage from the UAV to a wider audience enabling officers on and off-site to make better-informed decisions regarding their response strategies.

Footage from the UAV can be viewed remotely from any authorised device with an internet connection, giving officers real-time situational awareness wherever they are. This includes from SWP’s five mobile CCTV units which were also kitted out by Excelerate.

Excelerate’s engineering team also tailored the UAV Streamer to meet the specific needs of SWP by fully integrating it into a rucksack. This customisation makes it incredibly user-friendly and easy for drone teams to “plug and play.” Additionally, this customisation allows officers to conveniently connect compatible hand-held cameras for live streaming and intelligence gathering purposes.

“We are delighted to work with SWP to support their UAV operations,” said Bethan Evans, Chief Operating Officer at Excelerate. “As a long-standing customer, SWP has been instrumental in helping us develop and refine our products to meet the evolving needs of policing and we are committed to providing them with the latest technology to help them better protect the communities they serve.”

South Wales Police has been using drone technology for a range of applications including major event security, search and rescue, traffic management, surveillance and more.

“The use of drones has become an essential tool for policing in South Wales,” said Sergeant Chris Lawrence, Digital Service Division. “Excelerate’s live streaming solution has become a valuable addition to our operational toolkit which is enabling us to respond more effectively as it provides us with a secure and reliable way to access and share aerial footage in real-time.”

Excelerate’s award winning UAV Streamer can add significant value to almost any existing UAV investment and is currently being utilised by many other emergency services including Humberside Fire and Rescue, Lancashire Fire and Rescue, Police Scotland and more.

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