South Wales Police (SWP) has recently adopted the Fotokite tethered drone system, provided by Excelerate to assist in major event security, traffic management and on-going surveillance.

The Fotokite drone provides an unobstructed aerial view of any situation within minutes, as it is tethered to a power source within the ground station, allowing it to fly for extended periods of time. This makes it an ideal solution for recording and streaming footage, enhancing situational awareness and response strategies.

SWP has already seen the benefits of the Fotokite’s quick and easy deployment, as it allows officers to gain invaluable aerial footage, which can help them quickly assess any situation and identify potential risks. Live video can be streamed to a wider audience off-site for improved decision-making regarding resource allocation and response strategies.

Sergeant Chris Lawrence, Digital Service Division at SWP commented. “The extended flight time and enhanced situational awareness provided by the Fotokite has already proven to be an invaluable asset by allowing our aerial surveillance operations to be conducted over a longer period, improving the chances of detecting any potential threats or anomalies.”

The specialist camera of Fotokite can capture footage in low light conditions and provide thermal imaging for enhanced visibility. This can help police officers navigate through challenging environments and identify suspicious activity or individuals that may have otherwise been undetectable.

“We are thrilled to be working with SWP to provide them with the Fotokite tethered drone system,” said Chief Operating Officer Bethan Evans at Excelerate. “Fotokite is designed to provide officers with the information they need to make informed decisions and enhance their operations. We are proud to see SWP using technology to increase the safety of their officers and the public.”

The implementation of the Fotokite tethered drone system is part of SWP’s ongoing commitment to embracing new technology to enhance the safety of officers and the public they serve.

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