Real-time video streaming: The backbone of efficient drone operations

In the ever-evolving world of drone technology, one of the persisting challenges has been the limited access to real-time footage. The need for seamless live streaming capabilities has become crucial for drone teams in various sectors, ranging from search and rescue, policing, emergency response, security and more. Excelerate’s UAV Streamer addresses this critical need, by transforming the way drone teams share and access live video streams.

The UAV Streamer can seamlessly integrate into any existing drone system with a HDMI connection, ensuring that the video feed is no longer confined to just the pilot. All the pilot needs to do is plug it into the drone controller, allowing teams unprecedented access to live drone footage. This allows for more collaborative decision-making and a broader understanding of the situation at hand.

Unifying perspectives: Seamless global access to live drone footage

The UAV Streamer utilises the ExStream video application to transmit footage securely over both public and private networks. This breakthrough feature empowers drone teams to stay in sync with unfolding events, facilitating informed decision-making on-the-go, regardless of their location – be it back at headquarters or on the move. The application’s full encryption ensures the highest level of protection for customer data, ensuring peace of mind during sensitive operations.

Remote collaborators can access feeds via a command unit, CCTV van, or any other specialist vehicle, expanding the scope of real-time information sharing and situational awareness. With the ability to view feeds from multiple drones or other cameras simultaneously, teams can gain a comprehensive understanding of complex scenarios, further optimising their response strategies.

User-friendly design: Effortless setup for when every second counts

With the UAV Streamer’s “plug and play” setup, users can be up and running in no time, eliminating the need for complicated installations or technical expertise. The intuitive touch screen interface enhances the user experience, allowing seamless customisation of stream resolution and frame rate options to meet each organisation’s specific needs.

Additionally, the UAV Streamer boasts rugged outer casing, making it suitable for use in high-pressure and hazardous environments. Its small size and lightweight design, weighing only 5.4KG, ensure easy portability. Furthermore, the impressive 8-hour battery life allows for prolonged deployments without interruption.

Overcoming communication challenges: Optional enhancements for maximum performance

Excelerate offer a range of optional enhancements to optimise the capabilities of drone teams.

  • Unsteered roaming SIMs provide enhanced network coverage and performance for teams operating across multiple locations. The SIM has no priority network and will seamlessly switch users to the best connection available.
  • The Hybrid Edge SD-WAN add-on combines the bandwidth of any available networks for maximum speed and performance. Data is compressed and optimised for even faster transmission overcoming delays and packet loss that can occur when operating remotely.

Use cases

Emergency response

 Excelerate’s UAV Streamer is a versatile solution for emergency response, with applications ranging from command and control to firefighting, search and rescue, incident response and more. The ability to access and share live video from drones to multiple locations simultaneously enables responders who are both on and off-site to gain an accurate understanding of the unfolding situation, allowing them to collaborate effectively. The shared footage enhances communication, decision-making, and coordination, leading to more precise and efficient deployment of resources. Additionally, the UAV Streamers’ mobility and adaptability ensures that responders can set-up quickly to different areas as needed, allowing for continuous monitoring of the situation, and enhancing overall situational awareness. The UAV Streamer is currently being used by many of our fire and rescue service customers including Humberside, Lancashire, and Shropshire, showcasing its proven effectiveness and reliability in critical situations.

Policing and security

South Wales Police has been using drone technology for a range of applications including major event security, search and rescue, traffic management, surveillance and more. The use of drones has become an essential tool for policing in South Wales and Excelerate’s UAV Streamer has become a valuable addition to their operational toolkit enabling them to respond more effectively by providing a secure and reliable way to access and share aerial footage in real-time.

Police Scotland operates five UAV Streamers for enhanced flexibility and resilience across Scotland, being the first UK Force to introduce simultaneous live drone and helicopter streaming to multiple locations. The solution allows the Air Support Unit to downlink live footage from the helicopter or drone to any control room in Scotland, to police commanders on the ground and to officers’ police-issue mobile devices who are directly involved with the incident. This gives those involved a real time, aerial view of events, enabling them to make informed decisions about an operation or search as well as maintaining officer and public safety.

Border control

The Gibraltar Civil Contingencies Authority utilises drone technology to patrol their sea border across the Gibraltar Strait, effectively identifying individuals and drug traffickers attempting to cross the Mediterranean. By integrating UAV Streamers into their operations, they can effortlessly share live video feeds with all relevant agencies throughout the country, enabling seamless coordination and informed decision-making in their response efforts. This cutting-edge initiative sets a pioneering example of how advanced drone technology and real-time video streaming enhance maritime border security and collaboration among national agencies.

Environmental protection

The ability to share live feeds from drones offers significant benefits for environmental protection. The Environment Agency (EA) utilise three UAV Streamer’s across England to survey vast areas quickly and efficiently, providing real-time visual data on ecosystems, wildlife, and environmental conditions. The quick and easy setup also allows EA teams to respond to potential threats, such as illegal activities or environmental hazards, allowing for timely intervention and mitigation efforts. Footage captured can also strengthen court cases by demonstrating the scale and impact illegal waste sites has on the environment and communities.