Does your organisation use UAV’s, Body Worn Cameras, Rapidly deployable Cameras and Sensors?

We live in exciting times where the advancement in Technology and so much choice has enabled so many organisations globally to benefit from enhanced situational awareness. Especially where tasked with keeping people safe and resolving emergencies and disasters

The utilisation of UAV – Drones and Body Worn Cameras to record, report, inform and improve situational awareness, safety and risk assessment is wide spread, and now at a price point to suit a range of budgets enabling any emergency response organisation a must have capability rather than a nice to have.

Benefits of Streaming

Research around the world is highlighting the benefits through case studies and very quickly organisations recognise the benefits of sharing the footage live with members of their own organisation and partners working alongside to resolve the same situation.

In 2018 every country has a range of technology tools, devices and connectivity options that support with enhanced and improved situational awareness and many services are quick to jump on board and gain the perceived benefits of these systems as well as utilise other organisationally procured IT solutions to support with the overall application and delivery.

We have seen firsthand examples of law enforcement organisations during high profile and high risk events utilising systems like Dropbox and Skype for Business and YouTube to support the wider off scene sharing of live streams from consumer UAV products as they had all of it available in the organisation and whilst not designed to provide the capability the service seeks they do offer a limited and temperamental solution.

Organisations are looking for ways to maximise the benefits of each of the solutions they have available in service which is understandable but balancing capability vs need and ensuring the Data is secure and reliable is essential.

DATA Security and Retention

One big challenge faced by organisations as we quickly move forwards is how can we ensure that the Data is secure enough and protected to keep us compliant but also accessible enough and supported in its transmission during operations, especially if this may all be scrutinised at a later date during investigations, enquiries or other legal proceedings.

The amount of Digital data we are gathering and sharing is growing exponentially and future scoping the scale and potential over the next 10 years is challenging for any organisations to really get a good hold of.

As specialist integrators of Government and Emergency Services communications technology Excelerate, have produced a range of products that can be purchased off the shelf to fill the gaps securely and efficiently and enable you to maximise the operational benefits but securing the data and efficiently streaming and sharing it to approved parties.


Portable or vehicle mounted

Our UAV Streamer is one such product that will work with your existing UAV to water mark and times stamp the frames well as encryption in its design streaming system, providing an end to end secure solution

Our infrastructure is 27001 compliant so once deployed the only risk of interception or Data breach from others accessing or intercepting the data is at the UAV to pilot end and we have solutions for this too.

Unlike other IT video transmission systems in use by businesses, our data is compressed and encoded to save bandwidth and offer for the best throughput and maintains stability of camera streams.

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